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  1. This is where Im at. The Jets are a QB away from making major noise. Lets get it.
  2. Man i’d be so bummed if Jimmy G was the guy going into the season.
  3. so because he hasnt won multiple championships we shouldn’t want him? There are so many variables that play into winning a title. In fact the only QB that has won multiple titles since 2012 (when Rodgers won) is Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest QBs of all time and even in a down year his stats would be a top 5 Jets quarterbacked season ever.
  4. This is a cover up. Empire state building must have some knowledge that a Rodgers trade is close. Get ready folks.
  5. Better QB play literally changes everything, especially going from arguably the worst qb play in the league to Aaron freaking Rodgers… even at 39 years old. Think about not only what it would do for the offense obviously, but also for the defense. To be able to sustain drives will only keep this defense fresh, which it absolutely was not coming down the stretch. I truly think people are underselling how good of a football team this is with competent QB play.
  6. Why though? Dude has already won a super bowl. With the Jets high upside skills players and killer defense, why couldn’t one of the greatest QB’s to ever live come here with this team and win a title? It makes no sense.
  7. That’s fair, and IF we hit on Wilson, I agree, continue by all means. Problem is, we didn’t. Without a QB the wheels will be turning in mud while this incredibly talented young core grows older, gets closer to getting paid and with the risk of growing impatient by the ineptitude of the dude getting them the football. JD has done a tremendous job building a team surrounding the qb (offensive line still needs work and a little luck health wise).. now we need a qb to reach these guys immense upside. We can’t waste this.
  8. How is it instant gratification? 53 years since weve both won and was in a super bowl. Since 1969 we’ve seen a total of 16 seasons of above .500 football and 13 playoff appearances. Instant gratification and this franchise don’t go hand in hand. There have been generations now that have seen the Jets be nothing but a laughing stock. Time to win now.
  9. Yup. Same with the Broncos who took a chance on an old QB who just underwent neck surgery that kept him out the year prior. Broncos went 8-8, 4-12, 8-8. They sign Manning and become consistent Super Bowl contenders, winning 1, the next 4 years.
  10. I mean, isnt the whole point of this is to win a championship? You think Bucs fans would give the title back with Brady? Broncos fans with Peyton? Go and get the hall of famer. He has more than enough left in the tank. The roster is ready. The fan base is desperate for a super bowl run. Lets do this.
  11. Id really hate to give up this years first, but for Rodgers you gotta do it. JD has had a way of really making some outstanding trades however. Hopefully he can pull another rabbit out of the hat.
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