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  1. My sweet sweet Berrios. What did they do to you?!
  2. The irony of this post and then your username.
  3. Definitely agree with the Beatles.
  4. Now I can’t unsee it. I guess we’ll start with Berrios in this case. Heard he runs a mean bubble bath.
  5. I still feel really good about this team. Although coming on this message board will really drown that optimism very quickly.
  6. Saw this as well. Was MUCH quicker than anticipated. The hosts of the show mentioned it as well.
  7. Jets fans are such a down trodden bunch. God forbid anyone says anything positive about the team.
  8. Zach continuing to endear himself to the locals. The kid gets it.
  9. None of these PFF nerds like the Jets draft. I guess the Jets not trading down and getting that 6th round sleeper really put a damper on things, aww shucks!
  10. This might be the coolest thing ever. Got me slightly choked up. His entire family has watched him achieve his dream and make it to his childhood team; the team they love. Dang man that’s cool.
  11. Couldn’t the Jets just make the pick for the Niners with the understanding that it would be swapping hands once the physical is complete?
  12. I’m trying to recall a potential trade that had this much smoke gathering from it. You gotta think there is massive motivation from both sides to get a trade done at this point.
  13. There’s just too much going on. I feel like I’m over stimulated at this point. I need a cigarette and a foot massage pronto.
  14. Dude was talking about this a week before it happened. Seriously, his timeline has been spot on this entire time.
  15. Things went from getting pretty intense to cooling off quickly.
  16. “Entertain”. “Funny”. “Voice”. Clearly alluding to Broadway. “Situation”. Jersey Shore. Ok, now I’m getting chills. And it has nothing to do with me having COVID.
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