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  1. How many times must it be explained? Tyreek Hill is not here because he prefers Miami to New York. The Jets and Chiefs agreed to a deal, the compensation coming back to the Chiefs was a done deal. Why he’s not a Jet is because he wasn’t going to sign a long term extension with the team. Joe Douglas was willing to trade major draft capital plus make Tyreek Hill the highest paid wide receiver in football.
  2. What in the world are you taking about nut job?
  3. We’re really bent out of shape over not trading for a 30 year old wide receiver, who was having a down year before injury, who’s coming off knee ligament surgery?
  4. I disagree. We’ll see how he develops.
  5. Yes, I sure do. But Zach Wilson is not a finished product by any stretch of the imagination. I know us Jets fans like to play the pity game and act like a bunch of eeyores with a rain cloud over our head, but he showed glimpses. The talents he possesses you can’t teach. Give the young man some leash; QB is a tough position, not everyone is going to be a Justin Herbert.
  6. Your just a ray of sunshine huh? Is your gimmick to just go into every thread with a black cloud over your head spreading your misery?
  7. Is this free agency really happening to the Jets?? I just… I just am having a hard time believing this is possible. Holy moly
  8. Connor Hughes essentially saying he’d be surprised if the Jets didn’t come away with one of Williams or Gilmore. Williams is the prize but Douglas has a walk away price with every player and won’t sway away from that for anyone. Right now Williams price according to Hughes sources are between 17-20/year. If he’d drop that price to 15-16, he’s going to be a Jet.
  9. That is true.. you do see it quite often from rookie quarterbacks though
  10. It’s hyperbole for sure. It’s out of the system now.
  11. You ruined Danny Devito for me. I made an account just to write that. Thanks a lot.
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