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  1. Easy there fella. I just didnt think a crowded rb room would be good for anyone. Guys get buried in depth. Especially when we could use other pickups in the secondary.
  2. The juice is worth the squeeze. Cut perine or Adam's. If he doesnt pan out those to mentioned are easily replaced. Worst case ontario we lose a 3/4 rb. Best case scenario we have an amazing 123 punch.
  3. Nice find and awesome write up! I'm new ish to the game, and always appreciate these types of posts from long time students for learning purposes. Oh and JP Wisers 15 year
  4. The 2021 season officially begins!
  5. I'm happy with 5 wins but like many said it depends on how the rooks play. Less about the Ws more about the on field performances.
  6. Probably not worth anything in a trade either eh. That's disappointing. I wonder if we sign Poole and Sherman now. I'd be okay with both of them.
  7. Like before this season you think?
  8. I want to comment on the 3rd rounders we traded to move up. Davis (potential) Zuniga (backup) Polite (cut) Edoga (backup) Shepard (serviceable ish) Stewart (no longer in the nfl) Jenkins (solid LB) Mauldin (started 3 games lol) McDougal (somehow started less than mauldin) Those are our 3rd round picks over the last 7 years. Let's take the cream of the crop here. Davis and jenkins. AT BEST we traded davis and jenkins to draft an iOL with pro bowl potential. I dont understand why 3rd round picks are sooooo
  9. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  10. Agreed. They gave up 1 premium pick to move up 9 spots. A much better deal than the bears got.
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