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  1. What does ink have to do with being soft or not? Adam Levine is covered in them ffs
  2. They've all been completed. To the defence.
  3. Mims- misses first camp. Plays 9 games in rookie season. Multiple injuries and illnesses. Breakout candidate. Becton- steps in and anchors the blind side for 14 games in his rookie season. Soft as babysh*t. K.
  4. You're kind of agreeing with the point I'm trying to make. It's just a crapshoot alot of the time. Could have came across more clear. My B.
  5. Just goes to show the "experts" have no idea what's going on. Let alone the armchair GMs like us.
  6. Easy there fella. I just didnt think a crowded rb room would be good for anyone. Guys get buried in depth. Especially when we could use other pickups in the secondary.
  7. The juice is worth the squeeze. Cut perine or Adam's. If he doesnt pan out those to mentioned are easily replaced. Worst case ontario we lose a 3/4 rb. Best case scenario we have an amazing 123 punch.
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