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  1. Should probably fill the starting QB role before these other ones imo.
  2. The team doesn't need to be competitive to see what they have in Jlove. Watson and their RB room combined with a half decent Oline is enough to see if Jlove has the juice. They don't "need" cap space for this.
  3. With that roster, green bay won't be competitive for the next 2 years. Their best interest is to let Jlove make some mistakes to see what they have, whilst ascending to the top of the draft order. They don't need cap space to achieve this.
  4. What exactly are the Packers missing out on by holding Rodgers hostage?
  5. Stafford I can agree is a more reliable plan B than overpaying for Tanny from a position of weakness. However clearly our scouts don't value them the same or we would have just gone after Stafford in the first place. Fact remains, green bay has an item we want, not vice versa.
  6. And what happens when the Titans hold Tannehill hostage for a good compensation? What's plan C? Fact is, other teams (albeit only a few) have an item we need. We have nothing they need. GB doesn't NEED to trade Rodgers, they'll suck regardless. I get that value is better than no value from a green bay standpoint, however at a certain point if the offer is too low, it's worth it to have Rodgers remain a life long packer and cripple Joe Douglas.
  7. A lot has changed into he league in the last 16 years. It would be ignorant to think that the compensation for farve wouldn't have changed with it.
  8. Yeah I'm on this side. The way I see it is the packers are going to suck next year whether this trade goes through or not. The Jets NEED Rodgers or else we burn a cheap year of young guys.
  9. This guy was my favorite player on the jags team that almost made the SB. I'd go after him in a heartbeat.
  10. An important reminder. Rodgers is older and less likely to be healthy, Garrett Wilson isn't davante Adams, and our O sucks.
  11. Yeah I was just about to say it's not new league year yet so no sh*t it's not done.
  12. I think the first time I watched it I was 8 lol. Solid flick
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