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  1. As much as I'd like the jets to draft a shutdown corner, using our top pick on an injury prone player seems a recipe for disaster.
  2. I like the idea of moving out of 4 but the second isn't enough for me. What did we pay to move up for Sam?
  3. Eh I have a question. Can our #4 pick improve to #3 today via SOS?
  4. Man I though he's been fantastic lately. He was throwing in some tight windows today. We got beat by the reining Superbowl champions and best qb to ever live. We shouldn't have been in this game. We're seeing progress here. People act like this team is a total abortion. Check out the jags right now. That's an abortion. On top of all this, losing this game helps draft position. Too. It was the best possible outcome.
  5. Idk. With the odd chance he hits one can johnson afford to buy 10 tacos?
  6. Our qb is embarrassing. Our stadium is embarrassing. Our coach is embarrassing. Our gm is embarrassing. Our uni is embarrassing. Our logo is embarrassing. I'm done.
  7. Well I guess we know why Mims doesn't see the field. Guy is a moron.
  8. Was that drop on Zac too? Ty johnson has 3 drops in 3 series. And that's not an exaggeration.
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