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  1. Yeah I don't know how someone couldn't be happy about this.
  2. Zack Wilson having another mixed bag I see.
  3. Is the field open to media today?
  4. When did I imply an entire fanbase? You're stating that it's obvious that I'd be happy with 7 wins. It's clearly not obvious considering we're having this discussion in a thread that is talking about a playoff mandate. For a guy trying to not be rude, you have a funny way of showing it.
  5. I'm not sure how obvious that is considering at least one person is unhappy enough with anything less than a playoff birth to make a thread out of it.
  6. I'll keep it simple. I would love to see 7 wins.
  7. Uh....2 weeks to flatten the curve is still on.
  8. Context only matters when it supports your theory.
  9. Mims rookie season snap count 439 Moore rookie season snap count 447 Come to me for more useless stats.
  10. Kahkis and suspenders. Does that turn you on?
  11. He better get the the QB quite a bit this year if he wants that fat stack of cash.
  12. Probably has to have something to do with the no tax in Florida too. That's 20% more take home than playing in a Canadian market.
  13. Not everything is a out Zach. How about this jets could have something special if the receivers can hold on to the ball this year. Jets were tied for 4th in drops.
  14. Also an argument that he's less mentally talented than Moore's left shoe.
  15. Me too. I think that series is decided by goaltending unfortunately. Bob has not been that great all year. I was hoping they would roll with knight.
  16. I live in Canada and personally I find the battles of Alberta and Florida much more exciting than the other 2 series. The Rangers are a young fun team but I don't think they have the rivalry of the inter province/state series. The AVS are just going to roll through the blues so that series is a wash too. To answer your question, yes. There are happenings outside of the state of New York.
  17. No first round holdouts. Sweet.
  18. What model is this lol. The candy land model?
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