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  1. I've been a Jet fan for almost all my 58 years. Dad bought season tickets when Namath signed, I grew up at Shea. I realized many years ago this was a junior league team, probably destined to be the Cubs or Red Sox of the NFL (I think this happened while watching Joe Walton bury his finger up his nose, after downing a 12-pack before and during the game).

    Anyway, several years ago I started to not invest too much time and emotion in this team. Don't waste the whole Sunday, just the 3 hours of the game, or blow it off completely. They'll always be there next week or next season (like Freddie Kruger or Jason from Friday the 13th).

    I have to get back to cleaning the dishes.

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  2. My God, it looks like the Jets are actually going to have to make a few tough cuts. Maybe they won't have to fill out the roster and half the practice squad with other teams' cuts.

    And, they're two most recent 2nd round draft picks might be starters!! 

    I have to go lie down....

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  3. I was trying to think of a funny comment about this when my mind went off on a tangent:

    Remember when Fred Biletnikoff used to have gobs of pine tar on the inside of each ankle? Man, those gobs never came off.

    Remember when the Vikings used to put 13-14 men in their huddle and 2-3 would run off the field before the snap to confuse the defense?

    And who was that running back for Cleveland that wore tear-away jerseys? Grab him and you'd just rip his jersey. He'd go through 10 jerseys per game.

    Those were the days. Thanks for listening.

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  4. Welcome Hystorm, from a fellow new member at JN, and lifelong Jet fan.

    May your Jets fandom be filled with many wonderful winning seasons, Super Bowl victories, and beating the Dolphins, Pats and Bills twice a year, every year for the rest of your life.....🙂

    Interesting history on supposed Mormon polygamy, it's amazing how a stereotype can survive for so long. 

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