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  1. Would love it but I think they’re priced out at this point. I wouldn’t mind some vets like Ingram or Jerry Hughes but they might be better suited as 3-4 olb’s.
  2. Facts this is a great point. There’s always beasts in the later rounds. All I know is JD better add at least 2 more receivers and 2 more TE from now until training camp. We don’t have nearly enough weapons for ZW. Looking back at the WR we passed on in mid rounds over the past few years for the likes of guys like Mauldin, Polite, and Morgan is not pleasant, that sh*t better change this year. I think last year it started to with Eli and Carter but we need to keep it going.
  3. Tarik Cohen would be interesting. I like him if they can get him for cheap. The RB room might be set with Carter, Ty, Coleman and maybe they look to draft a guy in mid rounds. I wouldn’t hate it at all. I just like Patterson bc he can play WR also. As far as center, apparently they were interested in Jensen so I think they do want to upgrade. At first I didn’t love the idea, then I realized how important it is for ZW to have a general on the field calling out protections and everything else. Is that McG? I have no idea tbh. McG graded out well as a blocker, but maybe he’s lacking in the other areas of the position. And I agree, adding some nastiness would be nice!
  4. Patterson had 1100 all purpose yards and 11 td’s. He was electric for ATL and a legit weapon. Coleman is a third stringer at this point in his career imo.
  5. Atlanta is 100% taking a receiver at 8. They lost Julio, Ridley, and Gage in 1 year. Unless they sign Allen Robinson there’s no way they can’t take WR. So if we want our guy we should definitely take someone at 4, but unfortunately I can’t see us doing that. We always seem to neglect drafting weapons early but maybe times are different now. The other possibility is that we take a guy like Christian Watson or Dotson in the second round, which I would be ok with. But I really love Wilson and London. And rookie receives come in and contribute right away these days. Look at every receiver class of the past 5 years and you’ll see guys who come in day 1 and kill it.
  6. Connor tweeted that the jets are done making big moves and only depth signings will happen until May. He’s been on point with everything so far so I believe it but there’s still a lot of really good FA’s out there, especially veterans that can be brought in on short term 1 year deals. I’m usually against doing this but we’re at a point where we need to start competing for the playoffs. Some guys I’d love to see signed, but I’m not sure if we’d be priced out after the first 2 days of spending. It seems like every team that’s over the cap (Bucs, Packers, Cowboys) are able to sign who they want through restructuring so why can’t we do the same? 1. Kyzir White / Chargers LB - saw some tweets that the jets are happy with CJ and Quincy but I’m skeptical. We def need LB help. Kyzir fits the system and is a coverage LB, which we need badly. Young and ascending player. 2. Akiem Hicks / Bears IDL - older now but still a menace. Has to be one of the most feared players in the league. Idk what his price range is but nothing would make me more hype if we got him. If we can cut Rankins and replace him with this guy I may even change my name to GoatDouglas. 3. LDT - would be great for depth 4. Cordarrelle Patterson - Zach still doesn’t have enough weapons and he was amazing last year. 5. Bozeman or Tretter - cut McGovern and replace him with one of these guys
  7. “OLD SKOOL 4 LIFE” - Bigtime Tommie (this mf has to be a Jets fan btw, ain’t no way he’s not )
  8. Agreed that he looked bad but he’s at least had some respectable NFL games starting over the years while Johnson White and Morgan have had a combined 0 respectable games lol. And Mullins knows the system better than any of them, at least he should.
  9. Attached pic below… yes I still read the paper. Thoughts: - Love carrying only 2 qbs… he has White but I’d like to replace him with Mullens. And let’s just cut the dead weight with Morgan and ask for forgiveness from the draft gods for what was JD’s worst move of his career lol. - He has Berrios making it over Vyncint with 6 wr overall. I personally want both of them on the team… Smith is productive when he plays and is useful on ST. Maybe we can trade Crowder before the season for some help on D or o-line. - At TE he has Griffin over Yeboah. That would be a mistake. Remember Darren Waller was scooped up from Baltimore’s PS. Let’s not **** this up lol. Griffin is a jag. - He has 8 corners with Dunn making it. I’d prefer to keep Vyncint over Dunn, as Dunn hasn’t looked good in preseason… but would want to sneak him on the PS for sure. 7 corners is fine for now. - Josh Adams is a tough cut. Hopefully can get him on PS. This makes me hate the Perine pick even more, as he’s not much better and was a 4th round pick last year. Him, Morgan, and Davis are looking like terrible mid round picks last year, but still early so we’ll see. Other than that I agree with everything. What y’all think?
  10. I was wondering the same thing. What are the chances the bucs hold on to 2 kickers? I would trade one of our surplus depth d lineman for him in a heartbeat, someone good isn’t making our roster regardless. I can’t believe we missed on Blakenship and Borrealges in back to back years, both undrafted. For ****’s sake, Joe!
  11. Steven A. was on first take today saying the same thing. Said he was highly impressed with his arm and he just looked like a real nfl quarterback. He’s the only person I’ve seen give love to Wilson… it’s otherwise been all Fields and Lance d riding.
  12. Was wondering the same thing. Yeboah will get another chance I think, especially since they gave him more money than any udfa ever… they obviously believe in his potential and he shouldn’t be cut for one bad play. If anything Daniel Brown should be cut over Yeboah. The other udfa they gave a lot of money to was Isiah Dunn… I honestly didn’t notice him during the game, which I suppose is a good thing if you’re a cornerback! 3 cuts I wanna see are: 1. Daniel Brown 2. Ballantine 3. Walter The other 2 I’m not sure off the top of my head. Maybe one of the bottom roster receivers. And honestly Naggar was god awful, that 53 yard attempt was pathetic. Let’s see what Amendola can do.
  13. For some reason, I have a feeling Joe isn’t done wheeling and dealing this off season. I haven’t heard of any specific rumors but I’m curious if anyone else has seen or heard of anything. While NFL trades may be uncommon, I feel like it would make sense for the Jets to trade some players at a stacked position (ie dline) for help elsewhere (perhaps linebacker or secondary). For example, I keep hearing about how Foley doesn’t fit the new system as well after he killed it last year and was a top rated IDL. A guy like that has to have decent value on the market… would it be worth it to trade him for a solid starter at OLB or CB? Or am I wrong and Foley fits the 4-3 well? I have the same question about JFM… is he a another guy that doesn’t fit the new system after killing it last year in the 3–4? Curious what y’all think… in my mind it makes sense to trade guys like this, as their stock is at an all time high and they may not be great fits. The depth at those positions is also solid even without them. If we could get a solid starter at OLB I think that would be awesome. Cashman can’t stay healthy, Davis has potential but sucked in Detroit so I’m not too confident in him… and Nasty Nas and Sherwood are exciting but pretty sure they are like 215 pounds and how much are they gonna hold up as OLB’s for an entire season?
  14. Lol that’s how low the bar is set. Legit coaching/gm duo and 4 offensive draft picks in a row = what a time to be alive in Jet Nation!!!
  15. Sounds perfect for a rookie QB, and sounds like the kind of system Darnold could’ve been successful in had we used it to start his career.
  16. Hahah I’m literally traumatized from those offensive sequences. Still can’t believe that was our HC for 2 years.
  17. Hello Jet Nation - new poster here, long time reader. Let me just preface this by saying it’s an absolutely great ****in time to be a Jets fan. Something I’ve been thinking about lately, and I haven’t seen it discussed anywhere - is our new coaching staff’s ability to develop a QB. We’ve obviously failed miserably at doing this for the past decade plus - Rex with Sanchez/Geno, Bowles with Darnold (although I thought Bates did a solid job year 1 before Gase ruined everything). Well we finally seem to have a real deal coaching staff in place (we did it Joe!), but I’d like to hear some takes on why Saleh, and more specifically LaFleur are gonna be able to coach Wilson up to be a superstar. The arm talent is there, the cockiness/attitude is there... but will the Jets be able to buck the trend and take him to the next level? I’m probably just scarred from years of ineptitude and I have all the confidence in the world in Saleh, but is there any valid concern that a defensive coach like him won’t be able to make Wilson great?
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