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  1. You have to go with Liam Welch for all of the most obvious reasons. No need to list them.
  2. Cimini can get under my skin at times, but also has a solid podcast, good contacts and writes intelligently. I thought the question he asked was very fair. In fact, I wondered if JD might try to roll one of our high picks over to next season to avoid 4 big contracts coming due at the same time. Obviously he has a plan but it's a legit concern.
  3. And there is still time and money left over to shore up safety, LB and OL depth.
  4. I'm sticking with being "in the hunt" as the expectation for this year. A very tough schedule and too many rookies/sophmores. But you have to love the direction. If you compare the roster of today with a couple of seasons ago, it's night and day. 7-9 wins would be a big step forward and put us within reach of the playoffs after one more good offseason.
  5. Since there are no blue chips, I'd do this in a heart beat. Then I would swap 19 for a first in 2023 plus whatever else we can get. Karlaftis at 10 and Olave / Williams at 16.
  6. The Jets want to WIN SOME GAMES!!!
  7. 1. Superbowl winner gets the #1 pick 2. Worst team in the league gets the last pick. 3. Standard seeding for the rest of teams as it is today The bad teams fight hard to ensure they are not the worst. The stakes for the superbowl are increased to an even higher level. From the second round on its standard seeding, so the worst team picks back to back.
  8. Because he forced us to stick with Sam Darnold and refused to draft a new QB in 2021?
  9. 3rd rounder and 2023 1st
  10. Why are these teams giving up so much to move up a few slots? Doesn't seem likely..
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