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  1. How many weeks before he would be comfortable in the system, after returning? What is reasonable?
  2. Strong finish for Zach after a tough 2 and a half quarters. Oline and running game did him no favors. But you can see him gaining confidence as the game progressed.
  3. 2021: O 2022: D 2023: Playoffs 2024:
  4. Please do not mess with our OL depth right now. Who cares how much we are paying Fant at this point? We have the money to upgrade other positions if we can
  5. I might keep him over Brown but not Kroft, Herndon or Wesco. Do we have room for a developmental 4rth TE that doesn't block (yet) ? Yeboah or no Yeboah, we need to bring in a FA or use a draft pick next year
  6. Kroft, Herndon and Wesco. Yeboah to the PS. Yes, Herndon over Yeboah. Pretty sure I've heard that Herndon is a good blocker.
  7. Darnold can play better than he did with Gase. He does have athletic talent but was lost on the field. He needs a coach that is a terrific teacher and needs a system that can overcome his flaws. It could emphasis the run game to make the passing game easier. I think he can play better, maybe decent enough to make the playoffs if the team was loaded with talent. But I can't imagine him ever being a great QB. You have to be able to outwit the D on the field to be great, and I can't remember a case of him doing it in 3 yrs.
  8. Inside the NFL before Marino. I remember waiting with anticipation to see if the Jets would be getting enough respect to have their highlights included. Wow, haven't thought about the George Michael sports machine in so long. That was a great one. Not TV, but late night Beningo openings on wfan, especially the epic rants were something to behold and cathartic as ****
  9. Now we can sit back and enjoy a thorough evaluation of our young and inexperienced secondary. This is not working
  10. Great podcast, I listen daily as well. The throat clearing is noticeable but I like his commentary and listen anyway. If I had your condition (my wife does) it would definitely drive me crazy.
  11. Hello JN. Became a Jets fan in 1986 when I was 10 to rebel against my Giants fan family. Hard to remember exactly which game I started paying real attention, but they were on a roll and I liked the color green. They squashed my youthful hopes and dreams pretty good that season, and things kept going downhill until 11 years later with BP. Those early years were dark ones. Gase was just as bad but it hurt more years ago. I guess older Jets fans are a little desensitized. Things are looking up. JD seems to be turning this ship around piece by piece. Very excited to see what kind of foundati
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