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  1. Why are these teams giving up so much to move up a few slots? Doesn't seem likely..
  2. Guy is taking performance enhancing drugs of some kind. *healthy eating* my a-- No proof, just common sense.
  3. Why would Flacco continue to take backup QB jobs if he did not want to play? He's one of the most highly compensated players in NFL history. ( > 165 million )
  4. The average release time for an NFL QB is approx. 2.4 seconds. This is from the snap to the throw or pressure/collapse. 2 seconds into this particular play, 55 was in his face. I look at this play and think, how did Moses whiff so bad and ruin the play? I also think , nice job escaping at the last second. Others at JN watch the play and think Zach is having mental issues. Ok...I just disagree. (He did have mental issues not that long ago, absolutely. But has improved in the last few games and deserves credit for it, imo) I was waiting for Zach to have a melt down in this game with seeming
  5. 1 second had passed. 3:09 Receives the snap and checks to see if Cole is open 3:10 Comes off of that and checks the middle of the field. 55 passes Moses. 3:11 Escapes and throws it away Screenshots with timestamps are attached. The problem with this play was Moses whiffing on 55 Is this the best example of Zach missing wide open receivers because of his slow processing? Slow processing was an issue earlier in the season, but has improved in the last few games. I guess we can agree to disagree.
  6. His first read doesn't get open, he turns to the middle of the field and has free rusher 55 coming to take his head off. He dodges him and is able to throw it away. If the line gave him time, or if the order of the reads was different then he could have hit bowden over the middle. Buffalo's d covered his first read and had a free rusher schemed up so he wouldn't have time to get to his second. This was Zach's fault? Timestamp is 3:08
  7. Exactly. He was constantly in 3rd and long all day because we couldn't run the ball. On a few of the 3rd and longs he could have taken dump offs that probably would not have gotten the first. I really tried to find a few cases of missing open receivers that would have been better than scrambling or taking sacks and I didn't see it.
  8. I just watched the video and I don't understand. Are these plays the issue? 0:55 3rd and 10 decided to run for it instead of a dump off/lateral to Ty Johnson. Both he and Ty had defenders lined up. 3:26 3rd and 7 could have dumped it to Ty Johnson but again he had defenders close by. First read was not open. 4:11 1st and 10 went for a longer throw near the first down instead of a short pass to Mims. Mims is actually open. His throw was low and it's hard to tell if it was catchable. 4:22 3rd and 10 had about a 1 second window to come off his first read and dump it to Ty Johnson be
  9. The way we finished the season has raised my expectations for next year. We played very competitive football against 2 of the best teams in the league, while decimated with injuries. Next year we should expect similarly competitive games but every week. I had figured 6-7 wins but now I think we have a real shot at 8-9 wins. I'll still have patience and know there will be bumps in the road, but I don't think we are as far away as I did a few weeks ago.
  10. He should definitely play. Kid needs to see as many defensive schemes as possible this year. Would we rather him face Buffalo for the first time next year?
  11. I'd love this outcome. First I don't want the Pats to win the division. And we get a highly improbable win against a good team to end the season. Momentum going into the offseason could make us more appealing in FA. Bonus: We get to tarnish the Bills division title a tad by forcing them to "back in" to it
  12. I said yes the Jets will make it a game but now I am having second thoughts. I can see having a little bit of a let down after the effort last week and the deflating end. It would really impress me if they can go toe to toe with another contender. And the Int streak is unlikely to continue. Most good QBs can't go 5 games without an Int, nevermind a rookie.
  13. The beginning of the video made my blood pressure rise but afterward I liked it a lot. The betting analogy was spot on for the weaponz argument.
  14. I don't think he's a starter next year if the other receivers are healthy. Assuming they bring in a legit X receiver via FA or draft. But since our guys are always hurt, we should pay more for high quality depth like Berrios who will end up starting a lot of games no matter what. I think JD offers 6 per yr, they counter at 8 and settle at 7.
  15. Even before this, Bart Scott has always come across as someone that hates his job. He looks miserable on the set. I honestly sigh when he speaks and just wait for Colon or Douz to get a turn. Yeah the Jets suck so it might be more difficult to cover the team. But it's the job. Why does he think he should be on a show but constantly whines that the Jets are not worth covering? Couldn't be a sense of entitlement, could it? Nah...
  16. If the Bills lose to us at home in this scenario, they don't deserve the division.
  17. I'm fine with that. We paid Cole 6 for a year and Berrios is more valuable.
  18. Zach made a poor judgment call but I think it is still on Lefleur for giving him this option in this situation. The post game show has been terrible all year even though I liked these guys as Jets. Bring back Lucas ffs
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