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  1. I'm not sure if he needed competition on his plate on top of everything else. He seems highly motivated and hard working. Hopefully he just needs time and experience. If you want to say he should have sat while a vet played the first few weeks, OK. That may have helped, but then the vet would have taken all the reps with the starters. Would less reps have been the better plan? Right now I'm more pissed that we can't stop a screen play and ran up the middle twice to start the game.
  2. Doesn't seem very controversial to me. Didn't think we needed a vet lurking for every fickle fan to call for every time Zach made a mistake game after game. But now he can't play, so we really need one. And he got one. Done deal. We have enough picks.
  3. Exactly right. He put them in position to score on 2 of his 3 drives. And the first drive was the ghastly run run sack, not his fault. I think some of the complaints about Zach are on auto-pilot now.
  4. So if he had a viable backup, wouldn't you have been screaming to bench Zach every time he made a mistake? Might there be divisions in the locker room if he made mistakes? Vets not having patience for rookie mistakes? It was a calculated decision to let Zach have room to make mistakes and learn, warts and all. Unfortunately, we have so many rookies going through the same thing at the same time, we look epically bad and it is miserable to be a fan right now.
  5. Agreed. Although I did not expect them to look this bad. Really, the only hope is that these guys will learn from their mistakes and get better next year. We just put all of this together and it is not getting dismantled after one season. But it epically sucks to be a fan and have to watch this 'phase' of the plan, with no guarantee we will actually improve.
  6. The early whistle non-fumble, last go around THE CONSPIRACY IS REAL!
  7. He put together a solid WR group using high picks and reasonable FA contracts. Who would this guy replace on our depth chart?
  8. 100% sarcasm Definitely a great play by Watt but Geno was carrying the ball like a hot potato. Tuck the ball away man..
  9. This clinches it. We made the right move letting Geno go.
  10. He's getting open, but our inexperienced rookie QB has not gotten him the ball. If he's getting open, what's the problem? Once Zach improves, Moore will get his catches. Is it really more complicated than this?
  11. I'd be happy trading for a higher 2023 pick. Maybe we can get a 4th? There's only so many rookies we can bring in next year.
  12. I predict Zach won't get substantially better until the off-season. He just has too much to handle right now and needs a few weeks away to recharge. But I do believe he will get substantially better and be fun to watch next year.
  13. It would be great if by the end of this year we at least establish if Becton-AVT-CM-TBD-Moses is viable for next year. Would love to bring back Fant as the swing tackle at a reduced contract rather than as our LT with poor run blocking skills and the same contract. I'm not worried about Becton's skills at LT, he looked great for a rookie last year and had to play with Feeney at his side in camp while learning the new O (and Lawson in his face). He'll be fine with time to gel with AVT. Maybe a little worried about durability but hoping that issue improves.
  14. Yes, start Becton. If the other 4 have jelled, changing one player should be manageable. Should be a huge upgrade for the running game.
  15. Nice post. Thankfully, the annoying parade of whiners after each loss do not represent the majority of Jets fandom (see recent poll threads in favor of realistic patience ).
  16. The coaching staff is trying to put vets on the field to help Wilson in his first year, while at the same time getting the young WRs ready to take over next year. I'm sure the goal is Moore, Mims and Davis as the starters going forward (next year). Once again (again (again (again))etc) , this year is about implementing the new schemes, making mistakes/improvements, finding players with long term potential, and then the off season with the cap space and picks to fill in the gaps. A win or loss on a given week doesn't change this.( It does put on tape material to evaluate going into next y
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