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  1. Hello JN. Became a Jets fan in 1986 when I was 10 to rebel against my Giants fan family. Hard to remember exactly which game I started paying real attention, but they were on a roll and I liked the color green. They squashed my youthful hopes and dreams pretty good that season, and things kept going downhill until 11 years later with BP.  Those early years were dark ones. Gase was just as bad but it hurt more years ago. I guess older Jets fans are a little desensitized.

    Things are looking up. JD seems to be turning this ship around piece by piece. Very excited to see what kind of foundation we have laid after this year and if we can really take a leap with next years bonanza of early picks. 

    I chat on some other boards but this is my first related to sports. Lately I have been following several threads here and wow, there are some really knowledgeable fans here!

    Take care, Rob


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