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  1. OK, so I wanted to share something that has happened twice now. Understand, I'm not a prophetic person or anything similar. Twice now, almost the exact same setting, I've dreamed of the following: A statue that looks like Zach Wilson is erected outside the main entrance to Metlife. I've never been there so I can only assume its the entrance. The status is of Zach Wilson, am almost sure of it at this point. No idea what it means. Could even mean he dies a horrible death and Metlife honors him. Or, the other option is be does so well in the future that JetNation honors him with a statue. I truly have no idea but there you have it...I've seen it twice now....
  2. I've said many times to myself while watching every Jets game: Good Hell, that guy's a beast!! Glad we have him...
  3. Ahh Yes, good ole numerology and the study of prophetic number combos and dates...
  4. Kinda like Brees's last NFL game? See, I'm also a Saints fan due to Taysom Hill. However, I could never, ever bring that up in the Saints forum as I would get crushed, even though its total truth!!
  5. http://dudestream.com/2022/01/02/tampa-bay-buccaneers-vs-new-york-jets/
  6. Do you all remember when Michael Jordan played the best game of his life while sick with the FLU? Yea, it seems those kinds of experiences are slated to the scrap heaps of history...
  7. I hope your point is that his legs were crossed at the knee and not at ankles as otherwise, no point... On another note, I still remember the VERY first time I saw video and pics of Trevor... To this day, the guy looks like an alien or something bred from a tube.
  8. I'm pretty sure it was narcotics... Been awhile but if I remember right, he was really into pain pills...
  9. The Ball Girl on the Jets sideline is a Hottie... : ]
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