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  1. I would love to see Dax Milne break-out and do his thing but not sure if the coaching staff will put him in...
  2. Anyone here going to be joining us this Saturday for this: https://www.ksl.com/article/50236473/patrick-kinahan-no-point-in-minimizing-rivalry-between-byu-and-utah
  3. This should be posted more. I posted in on a YouTube vid of him and most loved the name.
  4. The team's headquarters are in New Jersey is it not? Thanks in advance.
  5. The Ref just slapped Flacco on the ass...did you guys see that??
  6. Well since I just read that ZW is in street clothes, I'm going back to Skyrim...
  7. AI learned about this here on this Forum: http://dudestream.com/ Seems to be free and works...
  8. How awesome would it be to have Washington cut Dax Milne and we then grab him??!!
  9. PJ Walker, is he not the QB from the XFL that was killing it back then? If so, he will indeed blow-out Sam for the spot...
  10. I would not fight that notion... 9 years ago my wife and mother of our three decided I was not 'good' enough and did the ole' Cliché of choosing greener grass on the other side of the fence and bailing on not just me but our three to another man. Have been a single Dad ever since. In all Honesty, Football is really all I have left in the realm of enjoyment....
  11. To be brutally honest… I came here back in May following Zach Wilson from BYU. I’m the guy that came on here and explained that the Zach Wilson/SLC Mormons are not Polygamists. Etc, that was me. Now for the Brutal Truth: I came here hoping to watch Zach Crash and Burn!! Why would I want to do that? Because he bailed on his Senior year @ BYU! A year, with his help, we could finally beat Utah after a 10-year drought… Think of the strongest rivalry you can in the history of football and that’s the attitude in the Salt Lake Valley during the BYU/Utah game. Th
  12. Had a genuine LoL moment reading this....Thank you...
  13. Did he get 'decked' in the left cheek? He looks like he has a shiner from a bar fight....
  14. I've been looking around and have not found the info I'm seeking. Thanks in advance.
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