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  1. Sorry, I don't currently have time to go through this and find the ones in question but maybe someone else could: Goto 43:07 for a good example. For those going through this video, look for the play where Dax Milne catches the same kind of play/bomb for a TD and in the Endzone does a Curtsy Bow to the crowd. Was an awesome moment... PS..Found it. @: 1:05:27.
  2. I was VERY impressed with Josh Allen last year...what an amazing QB!
  3. I posted this in: 'For the record', but wanted to explore this further: When Zach was in HS, one of his 'signature' plays was to throw a deep bomb on the very first play of the game. In HS, he was roughly 75% successful with that play. @ BYU, he did it about 6 times, meaning: For 5-6 games of his 2019/20 career at BYU, he threw a deep bomb on the very first play of the game and came away with a touchdown. I'm just wondering if the coaching staff will allow him to do the same for his very first play of his NFL career... Seriously, how freaking awesome would that be??!!.
  4. Here's my simple take on his first game: He will throw a bomb deep to whomever and score a TD on the first play of his NFL career. He did it about 4-5 times at BYU for the first play of the game! That is of course if the coach allows that for the first play...
  5. So...Is that official, he's going to Org? Oh duh, just reread it, got an offer....
  6. Tiss true! He was the very reason I began watching and loving BYU Football back when I was about 8. For those that may not know, you don't have to be Mormon to play at BYU, you just have to act like one.... Heh, McMahon always pushed the limit just to see if he could get away with it. I watched an interview years later with him and he described how he would go to SLC to go bar hoping and then get a ride home back to Prove while playing @ BYU.
  7. As a total side note...I used to work for Robert Redford. I was his IT guy @ Sundance Catalog. First time I met him, I was asked to setup his WiFi network at his residence @ Sundance resort. When I was done, he fed me dinner, just he and I at the table. The guy is indeed as cool as he seems! I miss that position and job...
  8. Not a Mormon but a Fundamentalist... If he was an LDS member, he would be instantly Excommunicated from the church! Understand, if a person calls themselves: LDS, they are not polygamists, but a true Mormon Christian. If they call themselves: Mormon, be very leary of them and what they are trying to push.... Understand, true Mormons have been asked by the current President to call themselves LDS and Get The Freak Away from the term Mormon. Now you know why, because the world associates the word Mormon with Polygamy which is just wrong on sooo many levels... On another
  9. Well, I lived through the latter years of coach Mendenhall and new coach Kalani. Those years were freaking just wrong, all kinds of wrong in the sense that BYU SUCKED for about 4-5 years!! So...been there with a team so bad that I don't even want to watch and even convinced myself that...I don't need football...
  10. I'm in the south Salt Lake Valley myself. We are technically in a desert. We don't get moldy..anything here. When it's hot, it's a dry heat meaning you don't sweat from the heavy humidity. I've spent time in areas where the humidity is high and...no thanks...that's why I stayed here, plus we are surrounded by national parks, mountains, etc, is awesome! If you're into heat, you prob would want to move to St. George. Awesomely beautiful place and about an 1.5 hour drive from Vegas!
  11. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  12. On that note and for the sake of education, Mormons are not Polygamists. They were when they 'moved' to Utah back in the early 1800's, before Utah was a state, etc. However, since it was against the law in the U.S. and the current U.S. President at that time sent an army to arrest anyone practicing Poly, Brigham Young signed a declaration outlawing the practice. That was back around 1830's or so I'm guessing. I'm not a Mormon but have lived here my whole life and know a ton about them. The members that were not OK with this new declaration, left the church and moved to Mexico and other ar
  13. In 2018, I began following the NFL for the first time in my life. I'm in my mid 50's and have been a BYU Football fan since age 8. In 2018, I began following Taysom Hill and the Saints. Now, I fully plan on also following the Jets. No doubt in my mind there will be thousands more like myself as we don't have an NFL team in Utah. I feel It's going to be a fun year. Go Jets!!
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