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  1. My wife has CAPS (catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome). She is on high doses of warfarin for life, and has been hospitalized for lengthy stays three times since 2008 (most recently 2019). Basically, she clots in her internal organs spontaneously. She has had sections of her large and small intestine removed due to tissue death, but thankfully leads a normal life. I actually didn't mind the colostomy and ileostomy bags she had before she was re-sectioned, but she hated them. What injectable thinners are you on? She was on Lovenox while waiting to get within INR range. I don't kn
  2. It was a clean play, and there wasn't any excessive celebration or taunting. Timestamp 3:18
  3. I'm actually in Arizona now --- high school was in Chicagoland. Are you from there originally? I also wasn't a Bears fan when I lived there.
  4. Mine was from even younger. I still remember threading an earpiece up my sleeve to listen to a World Series game in '83 at school (back when they played some post-season games during the day). I was 8. Ha, ha! I'm definitely more of a fan out of nostalgia, and not "what have you done for me lately." Major league baseball has changed a lot, and I liked it better "back then," but I'm an honorary Boomer (I'm 46, but I'm a crotchety old-timer in a lot of ways. My 5th hour class even made me a plaque last year. I teach high school German --- hence the Plattdeutsch avatar). Respect
  5. [quote] [b]freestater[/b] If you're here because you love a certain player rather than the Green 'n White, you'll end up getting what you deserve. [/quote] You're all correct as far as real, died-in-the-wool fans go. Still, fans all have to have their beginning somewhere, right? I'm from SW Chicago, but I'm actually an Orioles fan (which didn't sit well with White Sox or Cubs fans) --- I got that from my dad, who has always been a fan since the 60s. The Orioles compare somewhat with the Jets' postseason futility since the 90s --- it's been a long drought. I'm another BYU fan who's st
  6. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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