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  1. He’s in 9th grade. Pretty sure he’ll grow and get big by senior year. He’s already a thicker build than Zach. 165 lbs going into 9th grade is good size for a QB or any skill position.
  2. 40 minutes in and I’m choking back tears from the poetic beauty of nearly every throw. Haven’t been touched this deeply since Brokeback Mtn.
  3. I’m 25 minutes in. After halftime of first game he was absurdly good. Like Techmo Bowl good. Pinpoint accuracy. Throws with incredible fluidity. Like he’s throwing a baseball. The shortstop analogy is spot-on. If you want to get excited for this season start watching this video, vs 3 minute highlight vids.
  4. Urban is off to a shaky start. I love it.
  5. Wilson's mom made a stir during his freshman season for a few games. The media loved her and would interview her at every game. It was weird and annoying. But after that we never heard from her in terms of media interviews during his sophomore and junior years. To her credit she got off the air. His dad has never said a word. Zach doesn't come from tons of money. His family does okay financially. I believe they own a convenience store. They have never struck me as super loaded. My son's friend played basketball on the same high school team. Said Zach didn't seem loaded or spoiled, but he was a super competitive jerk on the court and in practice (and was really good). There's no evidence that his uncle hands out money to his sister and nephew. His training was clearly a financial burden for his family in college, and for him. He went out of his way to work for Door Dash on his trips to California, and during his time at BYU because he needed the cash. Politically the guy liked a single tweet related to Trump. Not exactly a political pundit looking to fire up his "base". Comparing his mom to Lavar Ball is laughable. The dude acted like agent, coach, business manager, broadcaster, brand builder (BBB), GM, etc. What exactly has Lisa Wilson said or done since Zach was drafted that worries people?
  6. Had no idea Wilson had grown 3 more inches in his thirties. That's amazing!
  7. Chark has plenty of talent but was head case all last season and put up a dud. Davis is a phenomenal downfield blocker, and a very good WR. I'd take him 9 out of 10 times over Shart.
  8. Urban putting Etienne with the WR's is a good indication of pending doom for the Jags. The pick itself was awful. They had a free square RB with 2nd year James Robinson after a phenomenal rookie season. Isn't that exactly what you want at RB?!
  9. Yeah, I’m new to this rooting for the Jets thing. But yeah, the Shanahan love is undying, so of course his guy must be good. This pick is going to hurt Shanahan and the Niners in the short and long term in my opinion. And I can see how the Jets are an easy target to nitpick.
  10. The national media narrative is pretty consistent. The only balance view I hear is from Daniel Graham and Bucky of NFL Network. Max K is a Wilson fan, but admits he’s only watched highlights. Mina, Mel K, Cowherd, Stephen A, etc are all spewing the same ignorant narrative. And 80% of fans hear their voices. Not that any of this matters one bit. There is just a clear hypocrisy between the Wilson and Lance narratives, where only one of them is primarily dinged for the lack of competition.
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