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  1. Oh boy howdy. Yeah, the coach with decades of experience is going to have his more veteran team better prepared than our young team and young staff. Let's just see improvement as the game and season goes on. Believe it or not there were some positives that we saw on the field this past Sunday.
  2. We're just all like, part of nature dude. And our atoms will one day rejoin the earth to give... You're absolutely right. We got a picture of what the 2021 Jets are, and we'll be able to place that picture in an album that tell the full story. That's a healthy way of looking at the game, at life in general. But we're also football fans, and there is glaring issues that obviously will need to be addressed. Some people are going to rant and rave, others will be cautiously optimistic. I think the one thing we gleaned from the game is the kid has real talent, and it has the pot
  3. Maybe. Most of these kids even if they grew up 'noles fans were in like 3rd or 4th grade when Bowden stopped coaching there. We'll see though.
  4. BYU offense looks completely different without Zach. Frankly, not good.
  5. We should all know that this season is all about growth and development of talent from the QB position all the way to place kicker, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Want to know how Buffalo came out of their decades long slump? Exactly like this. This is how you build depth on a team. You draft promising young players, and play them. You see what you have in "prime time" under the lights. Next year, we sign a veteran FA corner, and behind him there's a guy with a solid year of starting experience who is still 23. We draft a stud at DE, C, TE, and maybe another OL or DL or a
  6. For a second to last place team in the league last year, the NFL certainly did us no favors with the schedule this season. I think we will have no problem being competitive, I think we'll see the effort and untapped talent on the field. I also think we'll end up with a pretty good draft pick, and still feel good about where this team is headed in the future.
  7. Has he viewed double digit passes thrown by Wilson yet to reach such a grand conclusion?
  8. Being new here, I don't have the same experience as ya'll with him. However it is very noticeable that he is full of hyperbole and doesn't like anyone disagreeing with him. Every fan base, every forum, every public space in the world has a guy like DWC. If you hate interacting with him, just ignore him. He is probably loving this thread with everyone talking about him, it's only going to make him louder when he returns.
  9. My Uncle is good friends with Bronco Mendenhall. I had a chance to have dinner with him and his family once, and I just can't help but root for the guy because he's such a down to earth great human. Sadly, I do believe his coaching style is good at sustaining a consistently good program, but will never be able to reach a level to compete with the likes of Clemson and other bluebloods.
  10. Late reply sorry, He tore his ACL his senior season at BYU (Zach's Soph campaign) but was still able to stick around on the Raven's practice squad last year as an UDFA. Reportedly he's been having a great camp and preseason both running the ball, and very solid in pass protection. Reports have come out since my previous post that after the injury to JK he's now 2nd on the depth chart behind now starter Edwards. Of course, I am biased being a BYU guy, but Zach would definitely had more wins at BYU had Williams been in there past the 3rd game of the season in 2019.
  11. Please don't remind us about spooky ghosts.
  12. That was hard to watch. It sounded like there was 2 songs playing at once in combination with the commentary. Looks like a contributor. Nice pick up.
  13. I don't know anything about this guy. But if he can contribute this year to help the defense at least be respectable you can't complain about using one of three 6th round picks next year even if we move on from him after the season.
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