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  1. Reddick absolutely stole the ball. Maybe Johnson's butt cheek barely tapped the ground before full control, but in the spirit of what "actually happened" it's pretty clear. This is where extremely strident adherence to a ruleset can completely undermine what actually happened on a play. Dude was immediately in his face, and stole the ball as they fell to the ground after a sack fumble on the previous drive. Ridiculously game changing.
  2. To be fair the ball went forward at least 10 yards on a massive arc high in the air. A very atypical fumble.
  3. Was on the road when Chargers went up 24-0, radio guys were laughing saying "It's officially OVER!" Just checked the score, hilarious.
  4. This thread is spicy. Good to see it didn't take us long to get in mid off-season form around here. Well done boys.
  5. Zach bc I'm a BYU guy. In the back of my mind i am still holding out a bit of hope for him. But outside of that Sauce is really hard not to root for. He has been a baller, and the cheese head was awesome.
  6. So you're saying we should draft Jaren Hall in the 4th round?
  7. Sit out voluntary workouts. If he is going to sit out the year he will get traded. I'm not saying he doesnt deserve the money, i only look at it from a team perspective. I think the Jets have more holes to fill than it is worth to give a large contract to an IDL who has had one good year. If he has another great year next year he is going to earn a few million more per year in a contract with either the Jets or another team. The only way Q loses is if his production isnt on the field. That includes injury. And if his production isnt there, we can agree the contract wouldnt have been worth it right? Obviously he wants gaurenteed money. But there's not guarantee that his play from 1 out of 4 years will continue to match what he will demand. Its tough when the team may need a bunch of cash to sign a QB.
  8. Im fairly certain if we sign him to a legit contract we will all be crying about him being overpaid for years. Take the 5th year option, and if he continues to play like this year, franchise him. I think eventually he wont play up to the level and instead of being locked in we will have had his best years and at worst only paid for one subpar year. Love the guy, and he was fantastic this year. But im afraid if he gets the bag he disappears with it.
  9. If we keep the offensive staff for or less intact I think the kid is screwed. But, this is exactly the attitude he should have when it comes to the team bringing in a veteran next year.
  10. Thats not the intentional ground we were talking about Zebra Cakes.
  11. Yep. He is a decent backup. I like the guy but i dont want him leading the franchise.
  12. What a thriller! Suprised all networks arent immediately switching to this one.
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