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  1. Seriously. Say Saleh has a career like that and leaves us in the current state of NO. We would have a heck of a 15 year run upcoming. Count me wayyy in as well.
  2. Look, I'm not comparing Wilson to Rodgers. Only saying that not every throw from QB's that are considered great are exactly perfect in stride requiring little effort to catch. Many of the catches this game have been extraordinary catches because the throws have not been great. If those throws aren't caught we're looking at extremely pedestrian numbers from Rodgers. It's a small take away from this game, but I do think it stands out. We just spent a whole season talking about this, so I think it's relevant when we watch what having actual pass catchers on the team looks like.
  3. So many Rodgers throws have the same accuracy we see with Wilson except his backs and receivers catch the damn ball every single time. At least in this game in this miserable weather.
  4. Hanging in on the road with #1 seed GB with a QB who has played terribly in the redzone? This game could very easily be 10-7 or 14-7 49'ers without the penalties. So yeah.... if you think how the 49'ers play has any bearing on our future prospects as a team, it's not looking terrible if ZW can be even slightly better than Jimmy G.
  5. Terrible throw, but good read. Lucky he has Adams as his WR to pick it up off the grass for a completion.
  6. First a holding with goal to go, and now an offensive facemask to prevent goal to go. What a mess.
  7. I want no part of Michael Thomas at anywhere near what he will cost. Dude just doesn't play, and seemingly isn't a very good teammate.
  8. Jimmy G 0/3 0 yards in the 1st Q. Kittle and Jennings completely let him down there.
  9. In the Hunt in December is all I ask. As long as it is mathematically possible to be in the playoffs for 2 games in December I am doing alright. That's probably at least 7 wins for that to be possible.
  10. There's a decent chance both Hutch and Thib never become stars and produce enough to be considered worth the top picks. Even if we rave about the picks at the time. If we don't end up with a good class, it's way more on JD than it is on our inability to suck as much as Jacksonville did in 2021.
  11. If Hutch, Thibs and Neal aren't there I'm not really sure what type of pick you're looking for to "break the trend" as it were. I don't see an offensive playmaker or EDGE that is more of a sure fire good player. But it is still early days.
  12. If you can pick the 49'ers Fred Warner at 4 you do it. Our defense needs a Warner type that puts everyone in the right position and plays the run and the pass well. If JD and company think Hamilton can do that for this defense I'm okay with that pick at 4. Watching him play I see a fast LB with range who can cover pretty well and big enough to play the run. Granted, if he is just a really good Safety I'm not sure the pick is worth it.
  13. That's fair, I'm not sure I've seen the back angle on the all-22 because I don't recall anyone doing film review taking a second look at that one. Without seeing it I'll have to defer to your judgement on it. Luckily he nailed that same route on his very next throw so it wasn't devastating. We were all still pushing the yips talk at the time for a reason, missed gimme throws like that.
  14. Yeah, it wasn't a good pass. But it also had a chance to be caught. Honestly, I'm fairly sure Moore lost the ball in the sun because Metlife Stadium is trash.
  15. This is the type of pick you would love to see in the later rounds. The fact that he wants to play here is just gravy. Not to mention we need TE's in a bad bad way. Watching the videos he actually looks like a very natural pass catcher. Adjusts to the ball very well and catches away from his body with his hands. I would actually be very excited to get this guy. If OSU didn't have a million first rounders at WR on offense it would be easy to see him getting a lot more targets there. Thanks for the report, definitely going to track this guy.
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