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  1. Want to punish your kids and have them listen to you the rest of your life out of fear? Make them read this thread and write a report on its meaning and importance.
  2. Maybe if we hit the top 25 polls we can sneak in to a BCS bowl as an at large if we get a few quality wins. ... This means nothing.
  3. Tbh, I think he was doing okay with the offense, just that he got shell shocked taking so many big hits early on. Then at the end of the year as he was finally getting his feet back under him he had nobody to throw to but Berrios. I think we will see a different Zach this year.
  4. I believe if the WR's and TE's are getting open, Zach will hit them and the offense will look good as long as the OL isn't a complete abomination. The real question for me about him is if he can lead the team to a victory in those "got to have it" moments. 2-3 minutes in the 4th Qtr down by 4 ball at the 25. Can he put the team on his back and leave with a W? We'll see.
  5. If we are anywhere near playoff contention, we have some very winnable games to close out the year.
  6. And if Zach does turn in to a good QB. Thats when things are REALLY looking up. No joke if Zach turns in to an above average QB there is legit SB talk here in a year or two. I think even if he completely flops and busts out JD will still have built an undeniably good roster and "survives" to bring in another QB eitger via the draft or FA.
  7. Whenever I watch this, I feel bad for Kevin. Kevin likes football, he likes watching football with his friends. He doesn't study the draft, or make his own boards. He doesn't watch opposing teams film to prepare himself for the upcoming week. Kevin just likes to eat his nachos and enjoy the game with his friends.
  8. I think for the most part we saw what we saw last year. There were plenty of missed plays that Zach left on the field. He knows it, we know it. However, if these balls are caught many of these would play like a highlight reel of how extremely talented Zach is and how excited we should be to have him as our QB.
  9. This is my feeling. To start the year Zach had a food connection with Davis. I think we will see a continuation of that this season. I think he will be the #1 target again early in the year.
  10. A freshman safety who was probavly a 5 star recruit who was in good position to make a play, but GW made THE play.
  11. I watched their AFC East draft grades today and both guys seemed reasonable. They seemed to defend the Breece Hall pick from their PFF colleague. It seems they think the roster is good, and if Zach is good the Jets are good.
  12. Have any picks been dealt away or been acquired or are we going in with 7 picks in 7 rounds as of now? Just curious.
  13. This was such a pleasure to watch. Thanks!
  14. 1. Kalani is an "Earn it" type of guy. Coming off surgery and missing a few games in the prior season where the backup QB played well and beat a top 25 rival in an away game it would have been wrong to publically promise anything. He was still young in an improving offense. When the "competition" actually happened, it was not even close. There was no doubt. 2. Ive heard the captain vote was done prior to the starter announcement. Its not like the other QB was named a captain. But at this point who cares? Didnt the Jets vote him captain last year? Or maybe he was making jokes about Joseph Smith and it rubbed all the Mormons the wrong way. (Zach is about as Mormon as a Catholic is Catholic who hasn't been to church in 30 years, he may have been born in to it, but his family isn't active in the church and neither is he)
  15. If Zach balls out this year and is a top 15 QB the people hating on him now will say "anyone with a pulse could put up numbers with this offense, it's not that Zach is good." Then in the same breath turn around and ho-hum about how they're still not sold on JD. A big if of course. But these are the type of people that the morning after a Jets superbowl win they would be complaining about future cap issues, and how we only won because the rest of the league was down because "X player was injured in the playoffs so the Jets didn't have to face him." There is no winning with these people. It's best to ignore them.
  16. The reasoning is we got great players that both peoplr who wanted O and D both wanted. Now matter how you preferred this to go you most lijely got it. A+
  17. This. There were clips last season of the gravity that Moore created opening up gaps for the other WR/TE. Why would you be upset to have a clone if him on the other side?
  18. His legacy is Becton, his legacy is Zach, his legacy is 2020, hid legacy is the 22' draft. No. His legacy will be if this team gets out of the gutter and starts competing or if we keep the off-season bickering about top 10 draft picks.
  19. Holy crap this fake excitement in the voice of these reporters in front of green screens is irritating. I'm surprised there isn't NFL Legend music playing behind these guys. Extremely awkward.
  20. Ive got a feeling this isnt going to go anything like the overwhelming majority of people think here. Including myself. But to throw my prediction out there... Ikey at 4, Lloyd at 10, Peirce and Edge in the 2nd. I just think OL depth is key as is securing the front for the future. We saw last year as things began to break down and it sucks. I think Lloyd is a star and it would be a mistake to pass on him.
  21. Lol, my mind went there too. "He moved 40 feet today? Is that an improvement?"
  22. This. Fred Warner is getting paid 19m a year over a 5 year contract because ranging multi tool LB's are valuable. To think that the #10 pick wouldn't be worth a guy who ends up being that is crazy. In fact, I'd give the #10 pick right now for Warner, who wouldn't?
  23. Coming from you this almost reads as sarcasm. The line should be upgraded. The TE's should be mega upgraded. I think it's clear we're at least adding one more WR to the roster either from the draft or using draft capital to acquire a top guy. Comparing who he was throwing to at the end of the year last year, this is a completely different level of offensive talent around him. I also would like to see the whole presser, and not just the clips that the beat thinks we will find most interesting.
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