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  1. I'd really like to know what 5 other teams you think the Jets are ahead of.
  2. Davis has never been a bonafide #1. He disappointed as a rookie in Ten. After a decent 2nd year, a rookie AJ Brown became the Alpha in Tennessee's WR room.
  3. They are easily in the bottom 4th of the league. Lets say you put the Jets ahead of the Eagles, Colts, Lions, Patriots, Texans, Raiders and Jaguars. That would only make them 25th at best.
  4. 1. Jamison Crowder is a good WR in the slot. Keelan Cole is a below average starter no matter where he is on the field. 2. No offense, but the Jets WR group isn't good enough to be calling Crowder a luxury. The Jets WR group is still near the bottom of the league unless someone has a massive breakout season. Davis is a WR2. Mims hasn't done anything noteworthy. There were about 10 other Rookie Wrs who were better than him last year. Cole is a good WR4, and a below average WR3. Moore hasn't taken a snap in the NFL. Using the AFCE as an example, who is gett
  5. Why would Crowder cut his salary in half for 2 years, when he would easily make more money in free agency in 2021. It's not like he is old. Lets say Crowder gets cut for not taking a pay cut. He would still get 5mil this year from a team like the Pats, Lions, Falcons or Colts. In the following off-season, he could easily get a 3 year, 30 Mil contract if he continues his current level of play.
  6. At some point, this becomes disrespectful to Crowder. They are asking Crowder to take less money than Kelan Cole. Crowder has earned his contract and the Jets have plenty of cap space.10 Mil for a good WR is very reasonable. It's also pretty sh*tty to ask Crowder to take a paycut this late into the offseason. Crowder was on pace for 930 yards, and 8 Tds last year. If he was available at the start of free agency, he would have easily made 10 mil on a open market. I also don't understand the logic of taking weapons away from a rookie QB.
  7. I don't understand why some want to get rid of a proven NFL receiver with a rookie QB. It is highly unlikely that Elijah Moore will replace Crowder in year 1. Rookie Wrs are known to struggle.
  8. As it currently stands, the Jets WRs would probably rank 24 or 25th with the Jaguars. Would probably put the Texans, Ravens, Raiders, Lions, Patriots, Eagles and Colts below them. I debated the Titans, but AJ Brown is too much of a beast even as the only option.
  9. Lawson played with Dunlap and Geno Atkins for years in Cinci.
  10. I don't care if he thinks Edmunds sucks, that's his opinion. He also asked us for our opinions on Edmunds. The problem is he said "Bills fans think he sucks". He can't make an opinion for other people.
  11. I think you have it a bit backwards. The guy basically said "Bills fans think Edmunds suck", when most Bills fans would disagree with that. It's similar to me saying "Quinnen sucks, and even Jets fans would agree".
  12. You are right about the timeline with Morse, I don't know how I forgot that. Either way I still think Edmunds vs Ragnow/Wynn is debatable. Wynn is consistently hurt also. That being said, I just disagree with your overall assessment of Edmunds. Football isn't only played on one side of the ball. The defense took a lot of pressure off Allen during his first couple years, which gave him time to develop. Instead of having to play hero-ball every week, Allen learned how to play winning football.
  13. If you do a redraft of the 2018 draft 1st round, who would have been a better for the Bills when they picked Edmunds 16th? The only player I see as a clear upgrade is Jaire Alexander. DJ Moore and Ridley are debatable. Edmunds has been better than both LBs (Vander Esch and Rashan Evans) We already have good safeties, so Derwin James wasn't needed. We didn't need Frank Ragnow because we already had Mitch Morse. We didn't need Isiah Wynn because we already had Dion Dawkins.
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