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  1. You can afford to make that mistake when 7/8 draft picks from that draft class are still currently on a NFL roster 4 years later, while also getting a Franchise QB and Pro Bowl linebacker in that same draft. Teller also returned a pick and wasn't given up for nothing like Morgan. I wonder why you guys took Morgan in a stacked WR draft class, while also having the worst WR group in the league.
  2. "Shaq is a good compliment for a pass rusher who struggles vs the run." If you have a pass rush specialist who sucks vs the run, you can sub Lawson in on running downs to hide each of their flaws. That shouldn't have been to hard to understand.
  3. Shaq Lawson is not the type of guy who will make you scary. Shaq is a good compliment for a pass rusher who struggles vs the run. If he was really a good pass rusher, Buffalo wouldn't have let him go, Miami wouldn't have traded him after a year, and he didn't even make it to week 1 on the Texans.
  4. I'm not sure if you are joking, but Solder is a scrub.
  5. Most Bills fans were sad to see him go, but we weren't willing to pay his salary for a 2-down player.
  6. That first sack vs the Pats, Nate Solder missed his cut block. It was good effort by Lawson, but that was more Solder just being bad.
  7. I hope you guys keep him on the field for 3rd downs.
  8. Not at all. He is decent. I liked Lawson and you guys got him at a great value is all.
  9. If you are expecting Shaq to be a good pass rusher, you will be very disappointed. Most of his sacks were coverage sacks.
  10. This trade is an amazing value. He is a decent starter being paid vet minimum. He is best against the run. Ideally he is a 2 down player. He struggles pass rushing. Most of his sacks are coverage sacks or effort sacks. That being said, he is not a low risk, high reward player. He is a low risk, medium reward player. It's also troubling that he is on his 4th team in 3 years. He also had trouble getting snaps in Buffalo.
  11. He is known for being good against the run.
  12. If you compare the Jets to the rest of the AFCE, they don't compare favorably to the rest of the division in terms of proven talent. QB - Unknowns outside of Josh Allen WRs - 3rd RBs - 4th TE- 4th OL - 3rd DL - 2nd? Would have been 1st with Lawson. LBs - 3rd? CBs - 4th . Best CB on the Jets would be the 12th best CB in the division. S - 3rd? Also the division has 3 very good head coaches.
  13. I'm so confused. @32EBoozer said the Panthers don't have any pass rushers. He said Frankie Luvu was their best pass rusher. I brought up Brian Burns because he ignore him/didn't know about him.
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