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  1. On that same sheet, the Cowboys said they only had 16 first round grades. Bills GM said Kaiir Elam was the last 1st rounder on their board, and Johnson was still available.
  2. If you listened to what other teams said after the draft, nobody viewed Jermaine Johnson as a 1st round prospect, let alone a top 10 talent like Joe Douglas said. The leaked Cowboys draft didn't give Johnson as a 1st round grade. Bills GM said Johnson didn't have a 1st round grade. The media consistently said this draft didn't have a lot of elite talent and there were only about 16 prospects in the 22 draft worthy of a 1st round grade. If that is true, it's unlikely a pass rusher with a 1st round grade drops that far. Several pass rush needy teams like the Chiefs, Ravens, Cowboys, Packers, Band Titans passed on taking him. Maybe it was just GM talk when Douglas praised Johnson, because if it wasn't, the rest of the NFL did not see what Douglas saw.
  3. That's cus we threw a lot of short passes to compensate for our non-existent run game during the start of the season.
  4. The Jets draft grade varies depending on how you view Jermaine Johnson. Was Johnson a top 10 Caliber player who luckily fell to the Jets? Or is Johnson a 2nd round talent in a draft without many Blue Chip players, who went where he was suppose to go?
  5. I did not see where it says we would take Hall.
  6. Tua can be good, but I doubt he can be great. With Wilson, I doubt if he even can be good, let alone great. I still don't understand why he kept scrambling back 20-30 yards in the Bills game. I just never felt watching Wilson that he had "It". That TD pass vs the Bills was successful, but it was bad process all around. It was a bad read, into a tight window, on a WR that was double covered. The WR got hit by the robber safety simultaneous to the catch. That play more often than not gets the WR blown up. The right pass would have been a pass to the over route.
  7. Tua is better by almost every metric, including his rookie year. Wilson has a stronger arm and is more mobile, but Tua is basically better at everything else
  8. QB - Tua and Mac are better than Wilson. HB - Damien Harris is the most proven of the bunch. Rest are all in the same tier. WR - Tyreek Hill is by far the best. Waddle is the 2nd best WR out of all 3 teams. Jets over Pats because they have a higher ceiling with a similar floor. TE - Henry, Jonnu, and Gesicki are better than anyone on the Jets OL - Pats have a good O-line, and Miami's line is bad outside of Terron Armstead DE - Jets are the most well rounded. LB - None of the units are great to be honest. CB - Miami has one of the best CB tandems. Jets and Pats just have a bunch of guys, until Gardner proves otherwise. S - Pats and Dolphins have good Safety tandems. Jets don't.
  9. I still think the Dolphins and the Pats have more talent. Dolphins vs Jets: QB - Fins > Jets RB - Tied at the moment. WR- Fins > Jets TE - Fins > Jets OL - Jets > Fins DL - Jets > Fins LB - Fins > Jets CB - Fins > Jets S - Fins > Jets Patriots vs Jets: QB - Pats > Jets HB - Pats > Jets WR - Jets > Pats TE - Pats > Jets OL - Pats > Jets DL - Jets > Pats LB - Pats > Jets CB - Tied at the moment S - Pats > Jets
  10. The way I saw it prior to being drafted: Hall - Good all around back, who can carry the load on a run first team. Cook - Weapon that can exploit mismatches on a pass first team. Feel like both guys went to ideal spots.
  11. Well, all 10 of our wins were by multiple scores, so none of our wins were really close.
  12. We got very unlucky in close games. We easily could have won against the Bucs, Steelers, Jags, Pats and Titans.
  13. For reference, here are the Bills stats against opposing QBs over 16 games..... 172 Yards per game 5.8 Yards per attempt 11 TDs 19 Ints 56.9% completion They rank 1st in all those categories except Interceptions, where they are 3rd.
  14. Allen also didn't have the same level of coaching coming into the NFL as other top prospects. He had much more room for growth. Allen also didn't play on a college team that had a significant talent gap against it's competition.
  15. It's not a good sign that Wilson only looks equivalent to a Rookie Allen if you take away Allen's rushing ability. Allen was also on a significantly less talented offense.
  16. Was curious if he would be playing week 18. Last thing I remember about him was only missing something like 6-8 weeks after week 1 and haven't heard much about him since. I doubt he gets activated for just week 18, so I assume he will be out all year if he isn't activated pretty soon.
  17. From my perspective...... 1. He was hyped up as the next Mahomes putting unrealistic expectations for him and Jets fans. 2. He was gifted the starting job and didn't earn it. At the same time, his backups have produced more, which leads to questions on his overall ability. 3. Mac Jones is playing well, putting more pressure on Wilson to produce sooner.
  18. Why would you start Flacco over Mike White? I can only think of two explanations. JD is trying to cover his ass for the awful Flacco trade or your Offensive Coaches are clueless. Mike White has 3 starts. In those 3, he has won offensive player of the week, got hurt on a TD drive, and threw 4 picks vs the Best defense in football. He deserves another opportunity if WIlson isn't ready. Putting in Flacco is just desperation. Instead of reflecting on the scheme and their ability to coach, seems like the Jets are just throwing in random QBs to see if it makes the scheme work.
  19. Apply this concept to any other job or yourself, and you realize it's a sh*tty thing to do, even if it's allowed. Imagine if your skills are in high demand, and your current employer low balls you on a offer, when you know a competitors will pay you more with long term security. When you decline the disrespectful offer, he forces you to stay at the company below market value until your value erodes.
  20. Both the union and front office are at fault. The front office doesn't need to tag him, knowing that most people worthy of the tag are not fans of it. Why piss off a player you plan to keep long term? This is exactly what happened with Maye in the off-season. It's the same reason why teams don't use the franchise tag before extending QBs to mega contracts that would be cheaper with the tag. Not good to piss off players you want to keep long term.
  21. You answered your own question. Maye has publicly stated he didn't want to be tagged. Doing something against an individuals wishes because you can is just a sh*tty thing in many cases. He likely didn't want to get tagged for your later reason. They used the tag to pay Maye less than what he believed he was worth, and wouldn't let him test the market.
  22. That player would have been available in March if not for the tag. It extends the negotiating window by 4 months. If most players worthy of the tag don't like it, how is that not abuse? Again, some teams use the tag in bad faith to get the player cheap for an extra year. This is exactly what happened with Maye.
  23. They aren't the same. There was never any intent to sign Maye long term, and everybody on this board knew it. It's smart by the team, but it's sh*tty to the player. This is why many teams don't even use the tag at all.
  24. The tags original intent was to increase the negotiating window between teams. The Jets used the tag to hold Maye hostage for 1 year at a reduced price. Its kinda sh*tty.
  25. Fans matter because they impact the bottom line. You are effectively feeding the fire of a QB controversy if you don't start White. You just can't ignore a player who won AFC player of the week in his first start, and was playing well before injury. If you are team Wilson, the best case scenario is hoping White starts but looks bad against Buffalo, so there is less resistance when you go back to Wilson. Honestly, White playing well vs Buffalo isn't a bad thing either.
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