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  1. Even tho were rivals I hate to see injuries like this hopefully it’s not career threatening ,hopefully he’s okay
  2. Speak for yourself because 90% of Bills fans have been with this team when we had the Keith Ellison’s of the world , obviously we didn’t have anything to cheer about but now we’re good we can express our joy about our team finally turning the corner .
  3. That’s what the draft is for lol why pay a aging veteran on a bad contract when you can draft and develop the same position did 10 mill less
  4. Actually most of their oline were hurt and one of there lineman sat out a year lol but nevertheless they literally upgraded there oline and didn’t lose anyone significant.
  5. Who ? Sammy Watkins ? They literally kept there entire squad and added a bunch of lineman this year
  6. Actually how his contract is broken down is he is playing under his rookie deal this year , his 5th year option next year then his 43 million kicks in 2023 but the tv contracts are supposed make the cap skyrocket. Pat mahomes got paid 500 mil last year and they’re re signing everyone , all the the team has to do is move money around , the salary cap is like Monopoly money.
  7. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/platform/amp/2021/8/5/22611026/eriw-county-executive-mark-poloncarz-buffalo-bills-never-threaten-leave-buffalo-during-negotiations Fake news
  8. Also you guys are right we shouldn’t respond to everything, we have to realize bills fans we aren’t hunting anymore ,we are the hunted now .
  9. Well it seems like your friends are in the minority. You do know he played with a separated shoulder and he was missing his 1 Tec dl? Now I’m not saying he’s elite but he definitely doesn’t suck we can do alot worse with tremaine if your a true bills fans then you remember the days of the Keith Ellison’s of the world and Marcus bugs they sucked. Tremaine underwhelmed this year but to say he sucked his nuts.
  10. It’s not about getting defensive it’s about correcting your assessment of a player on our team
  11. Well his peers and coaches doesn’t think he’s mediocre hence why he was selected to two pro bowls .
  12. Lol @Edmonds isn’t any good but made two pro bowls and he haven’t even entered his prime yet
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