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  1. Baker Mayfield is a top 3 qb in the NFL he has only 1 playoff win thanks 4 playing
  2. Anyone who gets the vaccine is putting their life at risk. There is a GPS tracking device in the vaccine
  3. Oh my God Belichick went 11-5 without Brady. The horror You guys do know Brady has Bruce Arians in Tampa? He’s a pretty damn good coach in his own right
  4. Vaccines are dangerous. I thank God I still haven’t gotten the COVID vaccine
  5. They probably do still own stock or stock options that I agree with but their fortune isn’t all together tied to J&J the board of J&J would never let either one of those idiots near their operations
  6. Schilling will never get in thx to cancel culture they hate our freedom
  7. Not sure why you guys still root for the knicks. The nets are better and have a really likable team built the old fashioned way
  8. You do realize trust fund bros have nothing to do with the company now?
  9. All these complaints yet not one charge after several months, the cops got d1ck
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