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  1. The lolphins have maybe 2-3 times more talent on their roster than the Jets yet probably won’t win 5 games this season
  2. 1997-2010 was a fun time to be a Jets fan Other than that it’s been miserable
  3. The pats had some really good rosters in the early 2000’s thanks to Pioli
  4. I’m almost the same age as the Jets playoff drought
  5. That was the same year we got Tom Coughlin fired for losing to us
  6. Another incredible spawn of the Belichick coaching tree
  7. The Jets pick in the top 3 every year- it’s a tradition
  8. Trying to figure out how anyone with eyes would rate ZW over Trevor coming out of college
  9. We coulda had Zach Ertz for nothing Joe Douglas is horrible
  10. No one is fixing Zach Wilson. There’s a reason why he sucked facing legit competition in college and now sucks in the NFL. The kid does not have it
  11. Imagine what Trevor will do once he gets a real coach and OC
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