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  1. Be funny if the Jets picked both 1st and 2nd in the draft
  2. That’s all he does now on Twitter. If he was actually living up to his contract he’d be talking s about how great he is 24/7
  3. Seahawks are going to rush Wilson back
  4. He was silent on Twitter most of the offseason too. Just like Kristaps Porzingis
  5. How’s that possible? He’s like Lawrence Taylor but faster
  6. No doubt Wilson and Carroll both saw that and were like “f ck we traded for the wrong Jet safety”
  7. But he didn’t do well in practice and had a player fall on his leg during a play He was the second best rookie OT after Wills last season. Wirfs plays an easier position and his qb throws the ball in .3 seconds
  8. Becton isn’t getting along with this coaching staff. The tell is him getting a second opinion that only delayed his timeline getting back Trade him now while you can get a 1st for him. Wait another year while he loafs on IR and acts like a problem child and his value will go down
  9. In Maye’s case it would be smart to make an exception
  10. 28 is still relatively young for a DB. Right now the Jets have all the leverage due to Maye’s legal troubles. I doubt Maye gets more than a 1-2 year deal at $6-7 mil per year on the open market now
  11. Maye is worth $9.5 million a year. Unlike Adams, who is mediocre at best in coverage, Maye’s INTs are low because he is good in man to man coverage and QBs know this and won’t throw to him The Seahawks saw this first hand last season in our game. They traded the farm for Adams meanwhile Maye was doing a solid job covering DK Metcalf one on one and even got a pick off Wilson
  12. Gene Michael drafted the core of this current yankee team. (Judge, Sanchez) he also drafted the core of the previous regime (Jeter, Rivera, Petite, Posada) Cashman is a mediocre GM blessed with a big payroll and Gene Michaels’ draft picks and Michael is dead now
  13. There’s a really good chance they misd the playoffs next season. We got lucky Stanton went on fire in September and we bulldozed the Red Sox and Jays in those final regular season series because we just barely made the playoffs this year Cashman has to get rid of LeMaheiu and Hicks and bring in guys at those positions who have speed and steal bases
  14. Problem is we didn’t have better options. That’s why we either need to bring Tanaka back or find a legit #2 starter Tanaka is on a 2-year deal in Japan maybe he has an opt out or we can just buy out his deal with that Japanese club
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