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  1. Too bad he’s an even worse drafter than Macagnan and Idzik
  2. Meanwhile Kyle Pitts looks like a future all pro
  3. When Colin Cowherd compares ZW to Manziel that’s totally incorrect. Johnny Manziel played really well facing top competition in college
  4. If we bench Becton after he gets back we are destroying his trade value on the open market
  5. A year ago Becton was the next Willie Roaf and Fant was a JAG
  6. You know there are murderers, rapists, drunk drivers and drug dealers currently playing?
  7. In 2 years after both Saleh and Lafleur are both fired Jon Gruden will be brought in to “fix” Zach
  8. I no longer listen to WFAN but I imagine Ira from Staten Island calling in to Moose & Maggie before the season to say 4-13 was the goal
  9. Remember when Antonio Brown was a scumbag who would never play again?
  10. Wait til he sees Zach Wilson suck for 17 games
  11. Dumping Sam for Zach is going to get JD fired. Just a matter of time
  12. We would have been better off taking Mond in round 2 after taking Pitts or Sewell at 2nd overall
  13. Zach is not good. Chris Simms sold y’all a bill of goods
  14. Rex’s last 3 years >>>>> Jets last 6 years
  15. Not only are the Knicks deep but it’s depth with talent. This team has 10 players that can do damage. Guys like IQ, Obi, Burks that can come off the bench and put up 20+
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