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  1. The QB has to throw an accurate pass for the ball to be dropped…
  2. Where are the criminal charges? we’ve only been waiting for 10 months
  3. One bright side: in 3 years if Zach is still here he will make it easier to tank for Arch
  4. All we need to do is trade for Deandre Hopkins and Zach will stop looking like Josh Rosen 2.0
  5. If he’s smart he trades for Deshaun Watson at the deadline and saves his career and this team
  6. 12 more games and Wilson’s transformation into Josh Rosen will be complete
  7. Sorry if you spent money on tickets to watch Suckopono
  8. What has Zach shown so far since stinking up the Green and White Scrimmage and then playing horribly in 4 out of 5 regular season games?
  9. I promise not to say anything negative about Elijah Moore
  10. What a coincidence since watching Zach Wilson turns people to alcoholism?
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/deshaun-watson-trade-rumors-texans-owner-addresses-speculation-that-qb-could-soon-be-dealt-away/
  12. Joe Judge is so bad I feel sorry for giants fans
  13. No rookie qb has ever been as bad as Zach, well, maybe Ryan Leaf
  14. Saying Jones > Wilson is like saying trash > dog turds
  15. A tag pass is a horizontal pass the QB throws usually to a WR split wide so he can catch and then run from the line of scrimmage Zach isn’t accurate even throwing that type of a pass
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