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  1. The Zach-lovers need something to talk about because it sure ain’t the jets
  2. Didn’t the colts make the playoffs last year? This franchise hasn’t done that in over 10 years
  3. I always liked Lamar but no way he develops like that under Adam Gase with our lousy offensive line and receivers
  4. Ever wonder why defenses always play great facing the Jets?
  5. Because of locker room politics there’s no valid reason why trash heap bums like Cole should be playing over Mims
  6. Could you imagine if Mims got along with the coaches? He’d be leading the NfL in receiving yards
  7. Never again will I ever listen to anyone comment on TC practices in July
  8. Believe it or not Macagnan had the same defenders here for years saying the same crap
  9. Watching Wentz and Jackson last night execute play action so flawlessly the cameraman didn’t even know where to point the camera. and the Jets have Suckopono
  10. This summer Elijah Moore was getting so hyped up. And now he’s maybe the 4th best slot receiver on the Jets roster
  11. We’re the Jets. We never try to get good WRs or TEs
  12. So if the Jets are 1-4 does that mean it’s all Mike Lefleur’s fault? Just trying to keep up to date
  13. Eric Buenemy- why did we choose Saleh over him?
  14. True rebuilds take multiple decades
  15. I still remember watching Keller at Hofstra in 2008. He was fast, nice hands and ran silky smooth routes And then Sanchez happened
  16. The Zach-lovers better hope he’s either OUT with injury for both games or Saleh decides to bench him
  17. Are we benching Wilson for the two times we face the Bills this season? You’d be doing that kid a favor
  18. Hey maybe this is what they meant by Wilson being the next Mahomes
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