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  1. Amaro lol. That guy was the next Gronk according to Tony Pauline
  2. Wilson couldn’t even execute a simple tag pass today.
  3. The defense up until today overachieved with Saleh.
  4. How about the next Mahomes put up more than 20 points facing arguably the league’s worst defense?
  5. It’s weird how the Johnny Mitchell/Anthony Becht picks have paralyzed this franchise from ever trying to get a TE
  6. Well Allen had 56% completion percentage at Wyoming so ha
  7. They weren’t exactly lighting it up before
  8. Darnold is 3-2. Kyle Pitts just took a diarrhea on the Jets. Not sure what all the gloating is about
  9. The rotation overachieved this season. It’s going to be exposed next season
  10. Only a matter of time before they trade for Watson
  11. Zach is going to get 2-3 offensive coordinators fired before the Jets move on
  12. Woody will continue to be de facto GM until the fans stop showing up to games
  13. Both are better than Zach. And I think Fields is Geno 2.0
  14. This is the party line eh? It’s all Lefleur’s fault?
  15. Zero adjustments. Not having Maye meant Pitts was able to make plays at will The run defense not being good is alarming. We’ve invested way too much into the front 7 for it to be pushed around by a mediocre at best OL
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