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  1. Carter is a serviceable scatback Moore is a homeless man’s Kerley
  2. See you guys in 3 years when we are picking first overall again. Hopefully whoever is the GM by then actually promises the Manning’s Arch will be the first pick overall
  3. Pitts had pedestrian numbers before today and Zach was the worst qb in the NFL by every metric
  4. Pitts > Zach The ability of this fanbase to fool itself into thinking Woody finally learned how to be a GM is amazing
  5. Zach sucks dude the only starting qb in the nfl that is worse is Fields. Thank God we didn’t take that bum
  6. Not sure why there was a rush to extend Franklin Myers midseason. We have depth at DT
  7. Sam was better than Zach. Even when he was here throwing to Chris Hogan and Chris Herndon
  8. The giants figured out how to lose to the falcons too though that was Joe Judge magic
  9. We might end up with both the 2nd and 1st pick overall
  10. With Darnold and Pitts at least the fans have something positive to watch Zach to scrubs is nauseating
  11. Zach sucked but the defense was not good, at all. Pitts was making plays at will. And we aren’t even good against the run
  12. Cashman needs to go to Japan and talk Tanaka into coming back
  13. The announcers were brutal after he muffed that tag pass
  14. We might able to get a 7th for Zach in 2 years
  15. This team is going nowhere thank God the Knicks are good and the Yankees are the Yankees. The Jets are the most badly mismanaged team in North America and it’s not close praying for Arch in 3 years
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