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  1. Which team will Zach be backing up for in 3 years?
  2. Dumping Sam for Zach was not only in of itself a horrible firearble offense so is passing on Pitts or Sewell JD is the worst GM in the NFL. He’s 9-26 and the team is going nowhere fast
  3. The falcons were missing Ridley and Gage. Pitts was going to be the focus of their offense today and Saleh had no idea
  4. See you guys in 3 years when we are tanking for Arch and Zach Wilson is playing for the league mini
  5. I blame the media. Really. Woody is very sensitive and listens to these know nothing loudmouth idiots who overhype these college qbs
  6. Pitts dominated top competition like Alabama Wilson got stats playing community colleges in Idaho
  7. His ceiling is Alex Smith. And that’s if he has a great supporting cast Really attrocious disaster
  8. Dumping Sam for Wilson is going to go down as the biggest jet debacle ever since O’Brien over Marino
  9. Mims doesn’t know the plays that’s why he gets 27 yard receptions
  10. The Wilson pick is arguably the worst thing the Jets have ever done because they also got rid of Sam and passed on guys like Pitts and Sewell
  11. Football is a team sport. Blaming Sam for everything was an exercise in futility
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