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  1. What would you rather have done? Stick with that stiff Sam and draft that stringbean Kyle Pitts Wilson is going to unlock this TE corps
  2. I think Herndon has an all pro year now that Sam is gone
  3. 8.5 sacks on 97 attempts is actually pretty good. Jamal Adams revolutionized the safety position. Not sure how anyone can even argue against that at this point
  4. No it’s Sewell’s lack of confidence that is disturbing. Him saying he still has something to learn as a rookie is a red flag. I feel sorry for the lions between trading away a top 5 Qb in Stafford and drafting the next Robert Gallery it’s going to be a tough year
  5. Seahawks had zero pass rush aside from what Adams gave them He’s excellent in coverage. There’s a reason the Seahawks wanted him
  6. Why would you want to copy anything that loudmouth clown ever did?
  7. Yes I did and it was during the Mangini era - last time we had a real coach
  8. Adams was phenomenal in coverage AND great against the run AND a sack master Terrible move by the Jets trading him. That and drafting Sam Darnold two worst moves of the past 10 years
  9. We have 17 winnable games on the schedule
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