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  1. It’s starting to feel like every time I go to check Jets news, another starter or decent player is hurt… so much for the new conditioning/training staff or just terrible luck
  2. The Bills are going to regret this when last year’s Nickelodeon MVP award winner Mitch Trubisky outperforms him
  3. Bruh, these are grown men... you teach and treat them with respect not necessarily discipline like Judge was doing, it sets a bad precedent and lack of trust. Maybe some discipline on an individual level for sure but not the way he approached it. Props to Douglas and Saleh for getting high character dudes so this doesn’t become a problem for the Jets.
  4. The O-Line is falling apart already Besides Clark (prayers up for him), these injuries don’t seem too serious but it is sometimes the nagging ones that prove the most damaging cause you need to be careful playing all out and things like AVT’s strain can predispose a more serious injury if not handled correctly
  5. It’s training camp... it’s Zach’s first day back and I already commented on the mims situation on how coaches move skill positions around during camp for a myriad of reasons. There is a lot of hope to have still and these guys are career athletes, struggling is the way they learn the most, this is going to be very good for both Mims and Zach. On top of that, LaFleur is going to put them in situations to use their strengths and make the game simple, couldn’t ask for a better first time OC then him.
  6. Keep in mind it’s training camp. Everyone freaks out about the depth chart when in reality coaches move players around to give others opportunities, to build confidence, to get their bodies right, and for a myriad of reasons. Mims playing with the 2’s and 3’s absolutely does not mean he lost his starting spot as our #2 or #3 wr nor that the coaches think less of him. It seems media and fans blow this out of proportion in training camps a lot.
  7. Belicheat at #1 is absurd. If you wanna call him one of the best coaches (although I disagree), then totally fine and it can fit him, but GM?! Maybe a few good free agent pick ups but he may go down as a bottom of the league drafter. Like who does he draft that is real significant and I bet even then it’s up to his staff not him. This is so laughable and I have no respect for the article after that take. JD should definitely be higher but give it some time and I think he will be just as the team will get better too
  8. That year was horrendous by all accounts but what I hate most is that every article is about how Fitz “hated” his time with the Jets when he prefaces saying how bad the 2016 season was by saying 2015 was one of his most enjoyable seasons of his career... Now it would have been much better if he just beat Buffalo to make the playoffs but he is both the king of clutch and choking. Everyone is always trying to attack Jets fans smh.
  9. I think Sherwood is going to surprise people. That may be an unpopular opinion but the dude is smart and can fly sideline to sideline. From what I’ve seen, Hamsah is a better athlete and is punishing but Sherwood is very instinctive. Either Saleh or Ulbrich said in their interview that Sherwood was taking command as a leader in minicamp as well. Both these guys have to adjust but I think they can end up being the guys who take care of Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry due to their style of play. With that being said I think Mosely and Davis will start. Cashman could be exciting if he wasn’t make o
  10. Honestly, there are so many moves I would like to see them take back but Joe D, Saleh, and the crew are looking promising and if it pans out then I wouldn't change a thing.
  11. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  12. Loved the guy when he came out of AZ state but the jets actually have great receiver depth for once so I wouldn't. Probably be better to use that pick for moving around the draft
  13. Sending up many prayers for your wife! It means a lot for you to ask this community, really shows how awesome everyone is here.
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