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  1. First..  It's  9 / 11 ..  my thoughts and prayers are with those in your community that survived that evil terrorist attack on America, NY City, and the World Trade Centers .  Never Forget.

    It's  college football in the south so I travel today and won't be back till our 1 PM kick off date  tomorrow,

    I've enjoyed my pre season visits to your boards.   Yes, as a homer, I think we'll crush the J E T S ,jets jets jets.,  ( just as you expect to skin the panthers. )  One of us will come out of this victorious ..  

    God Bless America on this day of remembrance.  

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  2. Panther fan here.    
    You have to pick at least 8 or 9 wins before the season starts, maybe more.

    I mean,  every year , some team that finished last in their division , wins their division.  Catches lightening in a bottle .

    No, I don't think it'll be the J E T S , but I'm not a Jets fan.    I certainly have my Panthers winning 10 ..   and of coarse winning the opener Sept 12.

    Pick like your glass is half full and refillable.    None of this 3-14  stuff.  

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  3. Cowherd is nothing but a shock jock..  I can't listen to him.   He just tries to throw enough nasty mud at the wall and hope some sticks.  He bashes  ( In this case, your QB )  a teams QB , and he knows 31 other NFL teams hope your QB isn't good.  

    He could care less if Wilson is good or bad.  He just wants listeners.  And we as fans, like conformation our team/ players are good. 

    Go Panthers

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