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  1. Carolina Panthers should consider message if they pursue Deshaun Watson Carolina Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold was benched Sunday, as the Panthers (3-4) lost their fourth straight game. Al Bello/Getty Images CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The question isn’t: Will the Carolina Panthers again pursue Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson after another failed performance by Sam Darnold on Sunday, this time at MetLife Stadium, where Darnold spent his first three seasons with the New York Jets? The question is: Should they pursue Watson, a player who is facing 22 active lawsuits a
  2. Stop projecting your own latent prejudices and stereotypes. You only exacerbate it by pointing it out rather than simply ignoring the odd comment like everyone else and sticking to football. Your insinuation is more repulsive than what he actually stated merely by you wanting to be the PC moral police. Stick to football and leave out your incorrect interpretation and overreaction of @Ecuadorian Jetcomment
  3. New York Jets' rebuilding season has devolved due to a perfect storm Zach Wilson leaves game with knee injury (0:21) by Ricardo Ciminez FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- When Robert Saleh was introduced as head coach, he promised to win "championships" for the New York Jets. He was purposely plural, a hint of arrogance that was embraced by a fan base that had endured two years of Adam Gase (9-23). Now that Saleh has been Jets-ified, you wonder what's going through the man's mind. His "Welcome-to-the-Jets" moment occurred on Sunday with a non-compe
  4. This place has been toxic since the London game and yesterday reached a new low as the season is TOTALLY LOST now with NOTHING worth watching or hope to see development - No QBs, LT, LBs, RBs, competent OC and a füçkîng HC who was overhyped from the start due to his shiny head and hollering fist-pump antics in SF So………for those STHs going to the game this upcoming Sunday, what are your plans to entertain yourself at the stadium? The game isn’t worth watching and will be over by the 2nd quarter. any fun costumes? What activities does one do to occupy oneself for the remaind
  5. Have to agree. I like Bridgewater - hard luck w/injuries- but seeing him play, ugh…….the word UNDERWHELMING keeps popping into my head.
  6. All great answers. I’d throw in John Abraham between 2000-2003.
  7. Don’t know who that is nor do I recall that moment in the draft. Assuming it’s a pop singer? But then again, he’s a mic dropper which tells me all I really need to know about him, eh? Lol Yeah, ego can be quite the killer, but so can *edit-poor word choice* I can’t even properly come up with the word lol wrong is what comes to mind, but that’s more of an indicator of how strongly we disagree and see it differently Sides can differ on opinion, but that’s all it is: opinion. Lol
  8. Lesson was apparently not learned with the Ryan Kalil fiasco of ‘19.
  9. You can’t let ignorance and misinformation proliferate on boards like this. My fault he can’t come up with a better argument that is more subjective than the objective numbers I referenced to him? And I don’t drop mics, stage equipment should be treated with care and respect
  10. Thank you for posting this song. For some reason this particular song was the soundtrack of my early 20s sex life while owning a bar in NYC near Barnard and Columbia U. Oh the memories and sensations of yesteryear! Lol thanks!
  11. Went for a wedding back in’08 ideal for families and kids. Plenty of cheap booze and the beach for adults. Do the temple water slide. the aquarium is pleasant and a different experience. I’m not a gambler, but there is a casino. if you’re adventurous, walk off the resort and cross the bridge to eat some good street food under the bridge (fried snapper, grouper, conch, ceviches) that’s pretty inexpensive and an escape from the overpriced resort restaurants. It all gets old after 3 days.
  12. Really? You don’t say! Being incarcerated, suspended by the league, and out of pro football for the ‘08 and ‘09 seasons due to dog fighting had NOTHING to do and had no ill effect on Vick’s game with him returning to the league at age 29? No, OF COURSE! It was the fact that Knapp wasn’t coaching Vick anymore as to why Vick never regained his former glory? Please stop wasting BOTH our time with your petulant and misguided adulation of a shïtty unsuccessful coach. You’re a joke who can’t hold a debate or make one valid point and you latche on to weak examples to try and maintain
  13. If you really have to ask, then you don’t know: Knapp’s offense from 2004-2006 was ranked 16th, 14th, and then 25th respectively before he was canned. Vick was a special talent that carried those teams. Your argument is weak because you back it up with poor stats like ProBowls as QB validation But if you want to use that as an actual measuring stick of a good coach, so be it. My counter is OF COURSE VICK made the pro bowl as he was ATHLETICALLY SUPERIOR to most PLAYERS in the league at that time when he was 24&25 years old. Knapp had NOTHING to do with Vick’s domina
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