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  1. MICHAEL CARTERRB, NEW YORK JETS The Athletic's Connor Hughes said rookie RB Michael Carter is the "eventual 1A" in the Jets' backfield. Hughes reiterated what he said in June about Carter -- a fourth-round pick in the 2021 draft -- emerging as the main option in what will be something of a committee backfield like the 49ers. Hughes said it's Carter's pass-catching ability to separates him from Tevin Coleman and Ty Johnson. "He’s essentially a receiver out of the backfield," Hughes s
  2. So the real concern, I see, is that this defense may be vulnerable if a big back (220 lbs.+ like Derrick Henry) breaks into the 2nd level and just runs over the small and inexperienced secondary. The diminutive size of our LBers and secondary will place a lot of pressure on the DLine to hold opposing running games from reaching that 2nd level. Our best unit will be tested constantly this season as the younger back half of the defense adjusts to a new scheme
  3. NFL GENERAL MANAGER RANKINGS 2021 BY PATRICK DAUGHERTY July 21, 2021, 7:47 pm ET Updated On: July 21, 2021, 8:55 pm ET As I said with the coaches, the state of NFL front offices is actually quite good. With a few notable exceptions, processes league-wide have grown more empirically sound. Yes, even some of the better general managers can’t quite resist the occasional first-round running back, but they at least know it is something they have to explain now. Very few of these men are actively bad at their jobs. The problem is, there are only so
  4. a veteran presence (at minimum cost & commitment in Jets’ scenario) is necessary for a young locker room to remain professional for 17 games, ESPECIALLY with a new HC and if the winning doesn’t materialize as the season progresses. I agree with the Parcells mantra of having vets set the tone and culture in the locker room.
  5. So, just like all the other still employed GMs out there: DON’T give Fitzmagic the Tragic a 2nd contract?
  6. If only to provide veteran leadership at the veteran minimum to the young locker room and the Hybrids we drafted in the 5th & 6th round; his familiarity with the defensive scheme could help mentor and accelerate the learning curve for the developmental SS/OLBs - Auburn and FSU SSs just drafted.
  7. Analytics- It’s merely another tool to have in the tool bag to assist you in doing your job better. It’s not the absolute and finite answer. even these terms of “hurries, pressures, knockdowns” are merely just additional labels that derive from the same base source: The game Tape. These type of stats are just the ability to “label” and create a statistical value on a player’s performance and potential (since the actual “hard stat” of a tackle, Sack, TFL, or FF wasn’t made by said player) for purely monetary purposes (sign as FA, what round to draft, etc) 50 years ago all that
  8. Because he was a 4th rounder. Only 1st rounders are tethered w/a 5tj year option under the CBA. That was the compromise: if you were drafted after the first round w/no guarantees, then the quid pro quo is you get to test FA earlier than the “already paid” 1st rounders from your draft class. cincy knew it couldn’t afford to keep him and that Lawson was going to test FA.
  9. Backup QB one of questions facing Jets as training camp approaches By Brian Costello The Jets report to training camp in one week, with their first full practice coming next Wednesday. With a week to go, there are still some unresolved issues around the team that bear watching. Here are a few: Backup QB At the moment, there are three quarterbacks on the roster, and none has ever taken a snap in an NFL game. It is clear Zach Wilson, the No. 2-overall pick, is the starter, but who will be his backup? Will the Jets really go with Mike White or James Morgan, who have no
  10. The illegal Dirt bikes and ATVs that tear through Manhattan in squadrons disrupting traffic, passing through red lights, and going against traffic or on sidewalks MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY!
  11. You forgot to add “Unproven” before rookies and that’s why the NFLPA was willing to sacrifice the youth’s (college players entering the league) guaranteed salaries to better accommodate the proven veterans’ larger and 2nd contracts.
  12. Thus why good scouting and drafting are crucial & imperative to sustain a contending team and not having to blow it all up every 3 years due to the salary cap.
  13. Which one? The one with his two brass buddies hangin’ nearby?
  14. A full training camp for a talented young left side of the o-line to develop while the veteran right side (Fant, Moses, Feeney, GVR, Lewis) establishes itself should lead to a much better synergy and run game to start the season. My only concern is whether McGovern can improve to shore up the interior of the pocket; hopefully Clarke can usurp one of the veteran RGs
  15. If you’re going to poach other teams’ executive/FO talent, do it from a team with an astounding football culture like the Steelers. Who knows…..perhaps the 2nd coming of Dick Haley!
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