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  1. There’s a fair representation of Pats fans, but it’s a really nice and pleasant scene. Everyone is enjoying getting together from what I see, Pats and Jets fans alike. sun is STRONG. HEAT will be a factor in this game. The aroma of charcoal, burnt chicken, and weed is pleasantly comforting, lol, merely by the nostalgia it reinstills of “ohh yeah……….this is what I remember” lol
  2. it’s GLORIOUS out. Rather calm and mellow scene. Nothing like the opening day of 2009 where it was loud and nutz! It’s nice seeing some old faces and sad to hear some others didn’t fare so well. It’s nice to see society starting to return to what once was and the beaming smiles you see instead of jaded eyes and a mask.
  3. McGovern is not good. RBs coleman/Johnson have to have big games for the Jets to have a chance.
  4. Fatukasi is the only player worth extending at this stage. I’m not in love with JFM, he’s solid but doesn’t really seem like a long term solution for the Jets. An excellent rotational guy, but nothing exceptional; Jordan Jenkins-esque I hope he proves me wrong this year.
  5. #38 on Louisville must have had a ROUGH HS experience. Lol
  6. Folk was the MVP of that game. Mark wasn’t too spectacular: 21/44 191YDS 0TDs 2 sacks.
  7. Torrential rain and lightening that delayed the game start time. It was worth it the wait to see the Jets defeat & exact revenge to Favre the Fibber
  8. It’s been a competitive game. Fun to watch. growing up in NYC, you were never really exposed to college football with all the pro sports teams in town vying for your attention. Took me a while to realize the degree of fan loyalty and obsessiveness that certain programs have. it’s such a faster product than the NFL and when you have evenly talented teams matched, like this here UL v UCF game, it’s enjoyable spectator football with no emotional involvement at all except to view a great game. Enjoy!
  9. Only 2 parking pass options. the inner ring closer to the stadium - Silver pass Everywhere else which is the Gold pass so you now choose between 2 options.
  10. Lol the gold are $25 for STH and they are going for a minimum of $118-$120 in Stubhub for the pats game. Lol, what a crock! between my 8lbs. Bag of ketchup packets and 2 parking passes, I’ll be a very “not poor” man!!!!!
  11. They have always been terrible. Going back to Dr. Elliot Pellman they’ve been horrendous in diagnosing, rehabilitating, and reintegrating (rush back too soon from injury) players since FOREVER!
  12. It’s only poetic that Gano shank the game winner and ending his streak at the same time.
  13. That would have upset me if I cared about the Giants, lol.
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