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  1. Word was that? It was a bunch of commercials. game back in screen. davis with a stupid penalty
  2. Conklin is doing EXACTLY what a proper TE is supposed to do: safety valve dump off for QB to gain a few yards and create 3rd and manageable.
  3. Annoyingly still drawn in to watch if unlikely comeback still possible. Lol
  4. 15 points. Attainable but highly unlikely. 15 mins left. Let’s see. Lol
  5. I see the defense keeps acquiescing the middle of the field in the underneath area every time - whether TEs, WRs, RBs, in a hook or the QB scrambling. Very frustrating.
  6. He’s legit and will only improve with pro off season regimen of diet and strength training.
  7. I. Believe we will score EDIT: uh….. no. Wrong again
  8. This Jets team is inferior to Bengals due to coaching staff.
  9. His kids got into his head. Damn it! The media MUST stop giving those lil’ $hits attention
  10. GWil ?able To return after “rib injury” according to Bobby WiChu not good
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