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  1. I'm not sure if there is route running mistakes or poor design, but there are spacing issues. I don't think I like the new wrinkles to the Jets version of the offense, but I feel like I need to wait for week 10 to see.
  2. I'd rather keep both for the rest of the season if the offers are high picks like I'd expect.
  3. 2:12 in the 1st video is what hope they do to the Patriots if they try to have 1 guy guard 2 people this week. Last game the players stayed too close and they were covered by one guy. Sorry. Got distracted. What are we mad about now?
  4. This is a great thread. It's too bad Linderbaum is flying up the boards but his talent is too easy to see. He does everything the Jets need help with. There are lots of late round OLine guys who hit big, but trying for that is a luxury the Jets don't have now. AVT was a great pick. If Becton only shows average in pass protection, add Linderbaum and a decent TE to open the run game up and allow high percentage runs in short yardage situations. They have no push as is.
  5. Amazing to see 2 top 10 picks. By the end of the season they will get things clicking, but this week will give a clue about when in the season. There is still a good chance the Jets are drafting mid first round for their pick.
  6. Vote Walkthrough Peeping Tom Bill Belichick but Free Mins already. The guy is a playmaker. Enough already.
  7. I haven't watched a ton of Fields or Lance but when I did, it looked like the training wheels were on. Mac is what he was advertised to be - a game manager. Lawrence has looked up and down, but you can see why people like him. It's five games in. They all show flashes of what they can be and what could hold them back.
  8. The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence. Most people probably rank the prospects about where they did before the draft - because they are rookies and it's been 5 games.
  9. Oh. Went a different direction than I expected. "Because this one is in the year 2021"
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