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  1. As was said, Wilson loves throwing contested balls. Wilson and Mims skill sets seem to match well. I have also noticed a pattern that Mims should have as well... Wilson spends time with a WR, they develope timing and chemistry, then they start connecting. Mims should be the next guy to ask Wilson for an extra session. You've got to be on the same page for those contested routes to work.
  2. Cool stuff. What a relief. I wasn't sure what kind of thread this would be.
  3. How is the DL looking? Tough without pads to tell but it looks like they are getting pressure on the leaked plays. Sounds like Wilson and Captain Morgan are doing great. Good rebound day for both.
  4. And it seems.like a "tallest player in the midget leagues" kind of a deal. (Next class is loaded with TE they say)
  5. Freshman season bowl game. He will be a rookie but I expect him to grow all year.
  6. Did they set this interview up on the median of a busy road? They have had better noise cancelling on for the other ones lol.
  7. I hope DJ keeps putting a high volume of tweets out and doesn't worry about the small stuff. When I read these threads it's everyone else covering one play, and then DJ explaining the next 10 min of practice in 3 Tweets until everyone Tweets the next thing.
  8. Then not highlighting him with the 1s is good for him and the team. It's early and a WR doesn't need to know the playbook like a QB.
  9. Zach's start today shows JD isn't getting unfair treatment. This will be a small blip in the long run, but it makes me go hmmmm. He "won" a stupid battle but put himself closer to losing the war while doing it. Dumb dumb dumb. Also @SAR I 's interpretation of JD's time might be right. We have limited data but the circle jerks about cap space and not signing the teams best defensive player are questionable. Last year's draft isn't looking great right now. The contract negotiation made me see the negative view of JD might be the right one. Stepping over dollars to pic
  10. I called the lame ploy earlier but I'm still not impressed. I don't get the JD love crew... They had a 2 day holdout for a negotiable with very low value. He did the job he was supposed to do, just 3 weeks late is the best that can be said. This is an overall negative for JD.
  11. I assume this is exactly what happened with Sam. In sure that's a game to keep the offsets... Which are nearly worthless.
  12. Cool. On something else where I'm wrong I'll keep that in mind.
  13. If he can get in space and catch he may stick and be a nice addition.
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