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  1. Fine with me. You guys are so emotional. D gives up 14 and the heat kicks up on the QB right away. And that doesn't register as a "hmmmm" moment? I'll take a nice long break. .
  2. Run blocking is my concern. I'd trade some pass protection for a real run game. Or I'd accept it for what it is an throw first to set up the run and skip the first quarter of futility where they try to establish a run first attack.
  3. The OLine is in bad shape. They need Becton back and just average in pass protection. Fant as a blocking TE and you have somewhere they can run.
  4. You make claims go get YouTube video from this game and post it. I already know of a few plays that will make you look like a clown. The Jets aren't good and you can't put that all on a rookie a few games in. I'll help you on the first three and out. The OC is in over his head on those.
  5. He doesn't know how to tag so I don't hold it against you for missing it. Also I don't think the guy knows much about football. He never makes concrete claims and ive explained some reasons for optimism in the past.
  6. Seriously what's your big complaint about the kid yesterday @Snell41
  7. There’s a LaFleur thread, Saleh thread, Douglas thread…. Figure there might as well be an honest one about @Snell41 The poster is awful. Maybe a year or two sitting and not posting so he can learn the basics of football would’ve helped, but he has no business posting about a starting NFL QB right now. Faster we move on from this disaster the better.
  8. Some things you don't need to worry about, like hitting the floor when you get out of bed.
  9. Lol. Fair. I lwatch games letting my eyes follow the ball. I like the angles from highlights because I like look at the other players.
  10. I hate click bait jokes when I'm already pissed lol
  11. 3:30 I'm out on this guy. All PC coach speak and only tries to say the right thing. Thinks late hits landing with weight on a QB is ok? Of course not, but doesn't want to say the "wrong thing". What a POS.
  12. He might not be back by the start of next season. He played hard for a team that did not lift him up. Glad you think that's funny.
  13. I know. I probably won't bother any more but I used to watch tape after games and it's disgusting in the ground game. JD was supposed to be an OLine guru but if you want to get sick watch a replay and only key in on the side of the line where they are going to run. Edit: I'd be happy to see them draft OLine 1 and 2.
  14. So are lots of the fans. This guy isn't in a small minority.
  15. I always figured if Zach goes down he wants to tank. Patience is thinner than JD thinks and Woody has a history of going along with noisy fans who complain. JD is going to be on thin ice by next season.
  16. When the Jets lose and suck some people like to blame it all on the QB.
  17. Disagree. Lightly shake the hand to make it legal, then slide down and jump into Bilicheats knee. Stand. Kick in the head. Spit. Then go to the locker.
  18. I saw his other knee bend bad on the other play, so a grade 2 PCL doesn't sound as bad as what I expected. Google search on Grade 2 or 3 PCL injuries: Classifications of PCL Injuries Grade 2 (moderate)-The PCL is partially torn and the knee becomes unstable. At this level expect the knee to give out periodically while standing and walking. Grade 3 (severe)-The PCL is completely torn or is separated at its end from the bone that it normally anchors.
  19. The first three plays after the bye week and talk of change were not a good look.
  20. Capt Morgan made a bad move. He'd get some time for a close look.
  21. That's bad news I'd have to think. Maybe a bad sprain then finished it off.
  22. Quick Google search: "The duration for a PCL injury also depends on the severity of the sprain, but typically full recovery is achieved between 4 to 12 months" Also PCL injuries are usually partial ligament tears, and typically heal on their own, without causing stability issues, so long as the knee is protected during healing, and there are no other knee joint injuries.
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