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  1. Tru dat I guess it comes down to which one you think is more likely to happen. IMO it’s not a difficult choice.
  2. It’s an oldie but goodie that was originally posted right around this time back in 2019, except @JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF was talking about Sam Darnold then.
  3. I’m curious when the QB of a 5-6 win team led the NFL in TD passes?
  4. I haven’t read a single post in the thread, but I’ve seen this movie before… this is where we get mad at Brady Quinn for saying the Jets will be horrible, and we all say he was a lousy QB, amirite?
  5. Close enough though… It’s not an exact science.
  6. Quick… let’s all get indignant over the fact that a team with 6 wins and 27 losses the past two year is 2nd to last in the power rankings.
  7. Interesting. You’re about 5-6 months early with this thread, but odds are a lot of people here will be paying close attention to those names this season.
  8. Most of them are young and single and have a lot of money, and this time of year a lot of free time. They probably know a lot of the other athletes from other teams in the same city, and being athletes they love sports and get caught up in the excitement and want to go watch the games.
  9. I think with Zach and Braxton it’s just a case of Sunday being their date night.
  10. @Anthony Jet @Just End The Suffering No doubt about it, he played very good, but no way he put us on his back. He stopped 45 of 48, but we were down a goal with 5 minutes left, then the stars stepped up. Amazing how the Pens had us down 3 games to 1, and on the brink down two goals in game 5&6, then had the lead late tonight once again, and couldn’t close the deal. Damn, I’m pumped right now!!!
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