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  1. Nice interview there… Johnson seems like a great kid.
  2. If you understand the game of football, you just saw why Mayfield isn’t ranked in the top 10 in passing despite having a great arm and talented receivers… He doesn’t have to be. Not with this OL and running game. If the Cleveland D holds up, this is a pretty damn good team.
  3. and a QB who doesn’t throw 4 yard passes at the RBs feet.
  4. I’m watching Bridgewater and all I’m thinking is “they’re sitting Locke to play this guy”?
  5. That looks like a catch. Seemed like he had the ball pinned to his thigh when he hit the ground?
  6. A lot of you guys are doing the message board equivalent of throwing s**t against a wall to see if it sticks with your “hot takes” in this thread. Unfortunately not much is sticking.
  7. There’s a name from outta nowhere… great comp though
  8. …and plays like ass. (am I allowed to use that word?)
  9. The Browns have so much talent on the offensive side of the ball, but can’t keep them on the field this year. Landry got hurt in TC, tried to play through it, then had to sit the last 3 or 4 games. OBJ just came back, and is struggling to get in form after knee surgery. Chubb missed the last couple weeks, now Hunt is on IR. Baker, who has been playing with a cracked rib and torn shoulder (non throwing arm) can’t go now either.
  10. Two of the best games of this NFL season involved the Browns. They scored 40 points against Mahomes and the Chiefs and Herbert and the Chargers but lost both. If their defense wasn’t horrible, they’d be 5-1 and everyone would be saying Baker doesn’t get enough national advertising exposure.
  11. Jackson is elite also. Mayfield is easily above average, and would put up much better stats if he didn’t have such a great running game to rely on. You got the other 3 right though.
  12. Anytime I see Mahomes name mentioned along with one of our 32nd rank QBs, I never read the article. Didn’t do it with Darnold, and I’m not going to with Wilson either. We already went through a TC where we read he was the second coming of Aaron Rodgers, and he’d be throwing to another rookie who was the next Jerry Rice. Neither have done anything 5 games in. I’m just hoping he progresses from bad to average this year. When and if he becomes good we’ll be reading about HIS attributes, not those of Mahomes and Rodgers.
  13. They’ll both be gone before the start of next season, and they know it. How invested do you think they are in this team?
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