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  1. Look at you… giving out homework assignments like a boss! 👍
  2. Stay in your lane here Crush. @JETS SB is running the show here now. We’re going to take who he wants and like it!
  3. Imagine that… Have you watched this team the past 12 years?
  4. Yes. What does that have to do with Carter?
  5. Agree 100% I was answering his question (hence the question mark in my reply) not giving my opinion. For the record, I’m yes on Rodgers, No on Zeke, and not crazy about OBJ.
  6. Not a fan of the Moore trade, but after a day to think about it, I really like the Hardman signing. Big upgrade over Berrios IMO.
  7. Probably referring to the rumors about Rodgers, Cobb, OBJ and Zeke?
  8. Until the Jets sign (ugh) Zeke. Then he’ll be all about Zeke.
  9. Who give a sh*t what Carter thinks? 😂
  10. Beat me to it. Thinking the same thing.
  11. “You have caught the disease. He’s being patient… building this team the right way. Thank you JD, thank you!”@Joe W. Namath
  12. @BurntDice #quality picks 😉
  13. I get what you’re saying, and I agree. What I’m talking about though is completely different however. . I’m referring to the herd like mentality of ridiculing someone for not buying what the team is selling, or what the majority of the board is saying. In the case of the Jets (and JetNation) the guy who bucks the tide is almost always proven correct in the long run.
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