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  1. Lol Watson would never want to come here.
  2. That’s when most do it. I stayed up north until mine was finished with college, because I wanted her to be able to come home to her friends and extended family on breaks/summer. I would come down here during her semesters and finally sold up there when she graduated, got a job in NYC and the obligatory place in Brooklyn, lol.
  3. Sounds great. Your timing was perfect btw, the market down here has exploded since then.
  4. Agree 100% with your take, and I have no problem hearing it (or a dissenting view) from a fellow Jets fan. The beat guys however? They can’t seem to start their day without the obligatory cheap shot. Whatever happened to simply reporting the news? I don’t care what opinion a Fins fan who’s been on the beat 5 months has about this.
  5. I understand it’s the big story. I’d be shocked if there’s a single Jets fan unaware of it. Maybe I’m wrong here but those tweets come off as just fanning the flames this morning. He’s not here. 99% of us are pissed at the Jets FO because of it. They seem to be reveling in it.
  6. Seems like the beat guys got together and found a common theme. Unfortunately it’s to kick the fans when they’re down…. We get it. We know Zach hasn’t signed. Yeah, we’re upset by it, but… Tell us about what’s happening in practice please.
  7. Happy Birthday @Lith and welcome to the club! You mentioned you like golf and fishing, so you’re heading to a great area for those. My advice is check out the development as carefully as the particular area. If you get it right, you and your wife will quickly adapt and have a great social life. One more thing, getting bored with retirement is a myth. If you’ve prepared financially it will never happen. Being able to do what you want, when you want is a nice reward for all the years you worked so hard.
  8. That goes both ways, doesn’t it? What about the hill the Jets are on right now? Not to mention Zach isn’t a kid from an impoverished family that is desperate for their son to accept a contract so they can finally have a decent standard of living. We (the Jets) drafted him, he didn’t draft us. We chose not to have another viable QB option on the roster. We all know this will get done eventually, and Wilson will get his $$$$ so he’s not getting hurt at all by waiting. The Jets dragging this out more than a week or two could have an impact on their season though. As long as yo
  9. You’re missing the most important point of this.…Zach hasn’t yet agreed to become an employee of the Jets. He shouldn’t show up to work for a company that wants (drafted) him, until he’s happy with the contract they want him to sign. If Acme Cleaners in Va. decided they wanted to hire Warfish, I’m certain Mr. Warfish wouldn’t take them up on their offer and show up for his first day of work unless he was happy with his terms of employment.
  10. Great point. The part about Douglas being in charge of the football operations is really being overlooked in this thread. How many times has it been said “JD made sure he had control before he signed on as GM”, yet every time there’s an issue with a player’s contract, people blame the Johnsons. I get it, our owners are easy targets, but JD can’t have it both ways. He either has control, or he doesn’t. Which is it?
  11. The way I look at it is we drafted Zach because we( the Jets) decided we want to employ him. He had no say in that part of the process, however he doesn’t have to sign on with “us” as an employee until he’s happy with the terms of said employment. That’s why I hold him blameless in this. He has every right not to sign until he’s happy with the offer.
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