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  1. My bad if you thought that was a shot at you, I’d never do that… My quoting your “echo chamber” comment was referring to this thread and whatever purpose it’s supposed to serve.
  2. Funny you should bring that up in of all things… this thread.
  3. EDIT Damn you @Spoot-Face I just saw the reply you left @Biggs (I hate you even more now)
  4. So I got to this post above and had to stop reading. It made it perfectly clear what a pile of bull crap this thread is. If this guy isn’t trolling, or inciting by calling people out, nobody is, and this is exactly the type of post where the writer should be given a time out. But no, we get a trigger happy mod deciding to put everyone on notice that he’s going to keep a keen eye out for anyone he feels is upsetting the apple cart he and the other “see no evil” posters ride on, but the people sitting in business class on that cart get carte blanche to call out posters in that very thread. I’m no expert on running message boards, but I think a mod should be able to monitor a board without making it more divisive than what it was. We now have people taking victory laps calling out people they want banned, and a very select few who are above reproach trying to point out the hypocrisy. Thank you @T0mShane Thank you.
  5. Honestly, after last year’s camp, I just want to see them stay relatively healthy through the intra squad practices and preseason games.
  6. It’s tough to follow a Joe W. post with a positive one of your own, but this signing makes so much sense for this team, how can I not? It seems like things are finally starting to turn around here. I really hope it happens. The fans deserve a decent football team, it’s been a while.
  7. Nobody here has abused the repping system more than @Skeptable. He rarely posts, but loves to downvote posts for no reason. He’s been called out for it numerous times, but he feigns innocence then continues doing it again with no repercussions. I have no dog in this fight, but tell me @Skeptable, how do you justify downvoting these two posts by @PorP? You add nothing positive to the board, why not do everyone a favor? Leave and take your reactions with you.
  8. Well thankfully, we have you leading the way Joe.
  9. I’ll admit, I haven’t read the thread, so I have no idea what the consensus is here. Let me say I have no issue with Saleh, but if the Jets can get Payton and don’t because of Saleh, that’s dumb. How do you not hire one of the best in a profession because you already have someone unproven in that position?
  10. If we do, I’ll be like… Thank you Joe Douglas! Thank you!
  11. You’re not being serious here, are you? I mean, you watched LT play foot ball, right?
  12. This. When I saw the Lions were “relegated”, I didn’t vote. (and yes, our uniforms suck)
  13. No surprise here that the usual suspects are all riled up by what really amounts to a pile of nothing, but the “Tiki wasn’t a good player takes” in this thread are lame as hell. It’s his job to get people to react to his comments now, and guess what?
  14. There’s nobody here who is a bigger Mayfield fan than me, and even I realize bringing him to the Jets would’ve been moronic one year after taking Zach with the 2nd overall pick. It wouldn’t help Baker, it wouldn’t help Zach, and I can’t see how it would help the locker room. Right now the fan base seems to be in sync with what Douglas’ plan seems to be. Giving up on the most important pick of his tenure after 1 season would destroy all that belief we have going right now.
  15. I don’t want to rain on everyone’s parade here, but anyone who expects to see Becton starting every game at either position this year for the Jets is being let’s just say… very optimistic. I’m not even one of those who thinks we should get rid of him. I just don’t feel he’s going to be able to play anything close to a full schedule for at least another year. I don’t know if he’s lazy, or if he’s still not 100% from his injuries, but I’ll be shocked if he plays more than a part time role this year.
  16. I was thinking the same thing… (Hush, @Spoot-Face you were too )
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