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  1. This. When I saw the Lions were “relegated”, I didn’t vote. (and yes, our uniforms suck)
  2. No surprise here that the usual suspects are all riled up by what really amounts to a pile of nothing, but the “Tiki wasn’t a good player takes” in this thread are lame as hell. It’s his job to get people to react to his comments now, and guess what?
  3. There’s nobody here who is a bigger Mayfield fan than me, and even I realize bringing him to the Jets would’ve been moronic one year after taking Zach with the 2nd overall pick. It wouldn’t help Baker, it wouldn’t help Zach, and I can’t see how it would help the locker room. Right now the fan base seems to be in sync with what Douglas’ plan seems to be. Giving up on the most important pick of his tenure after 1 season would destroy all that belief we have going right now.
  4. I don’t want to rain on everyone’s parade here, but anyone who expects to see Becton starting every game at either position this year for the Jets is being let’s just say… very optimistic. I’m not even one of those who thinks we should get rid of him. I just don’t feel he’s going to be able to play anything close to a full schedule for at least another year. I don’t know if he’s lazy, or if he’s still not 100% from his injuries, but I’ll be shocked if he plays more than a part time role this year.
  5. I was thinking the same thing… (Hush, @Spoot-Face you were too )
  6. Just saw a tweet that Baker is suddenly 10-1 to win Comeback POTY. The Browns fans are showing a ton of class on their message board, thanking him for changing the culture and embracing the city of Cleveland. I can’t wait for week one, Panthers - Browns is gonna be must see tv in my house!
  7. Are you telling me the Browns play Carolina week 1???? can’t make this stuff up,
  8. Let me guess… you’re one of those “Zach will be a top 10 QB guys” amirite?
  9. I live in SC, and thanks to this trade, I now get to watch my favorite NFL player quarterback a team I can watch every week. In 12 years living down here, I don’t think I’ve watched 5 Panthers games. This season that’s going to change!
  10. Amen. I think we all are, but…
  11. This last sentence of your post is the Jets upcoming season in a nutshell. Almost every one of us feel things are trending up as far as the talent level on this team. The QB is the elephant in the room however. He wasn’t good last year. We can (and certainly do debate how much of it was his fault) but there is no debating he needs to be a lot better this year. If he isn’t, and he remains at the same level or regresses, it will negate all the optimism we’re feeling toward the rest of the team, the CS and the FO.
  12. Your win prediction isn’t that of a rebuild tracking well. It’s just another sh***y year.
  13. I never thought Houston would come out of this smelling like rose when Watson decided to sit out last year, but right now they’re like…
  14. Under the new agreement though, I’m fairly certain Goodall doesn’t get to decide this. It goes to a mediator. They decide, That’s why you read the NFL is pushing for x, and the NFLPA will be pushing for Y.
  15. You know how much I like Baker, so I was curious about the Browns fans reaction to all this when they signed Watson. They reacted pretty much the way I think we, and most other fan bases would. At first it was split about three ways, with one group excited they signed Watson, even though they assumed a suspension would happen. The other two thirds were a combination of Baker supporters and those who were appalled by the signing. As time went on though a lot of those in the second two groups began to reconcile with the idea of Watson playing for them. You began to see a bunch of “Baker wasn’t that good anyway” and “he brought this on himself” stuff tempered by “he was the best QB we had in years, but…” stuff. Then a lot of those in the group who hated the idea of signing a sexual predator began to say things like “it’s time to move on from this, he’s our QB”. The point here is that fans are going to fan. We all think we have our limits to who we’ll root for, but at the end of the day most of us will be okay with holding our nose and justify rooting for someone we’d never associate with in our real lives… as long as they helped our team win.
  16. What’s your problem with 22year olds, Beav?
  17. Didn’t he already get a signing bonus of about $40 million already, or am I wrong?
  18. Back in the day, I was on a bit of a roll where I would bring an assortment of what my friends were rating as 10’s to my parent’s home for Sunday dinners. My mom, God rest her soul, would shake her head and say “wassamattahyou? You can’t find a nice Italian girl?”
  19. @SAR I after selling his tickets to Max…
  20. I like that we’re each getting a day to start our own “what I think about Zach” thread this offseason.
  21. It is exactly the same as the Sam show. If you necro those threads and change the names, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. The only difference I can tell is we didn’t add Jordan Palmer to the CS midway through Sam’s rookie season.
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