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  1. I’m a firm believer in the “ nothing is guaranteed” thing when it comes to young teams having more chances. We were up 2 games to none and had a two goal lead in game 3 of the Conference Finals. Who knows if we’ll ever have that kind of opportunity to reach for the Cup again with this group? You can’t let that get away.
  2. Not the start we hoped for in the 3rd period. Need a penalty kill here… or else.
  3. We play the AFC West next year. Are we going to do the same dance then? At some point the schedule has to stop being used as an excuse to punt away a season. When you think about it, it’s silly to even consider it. Our schedule is the easiest of the AFC East teams. Below this is what will determine our improvement… 1. Let’s start by winning at least half the games within our division. We’ll never contend if we can’t do that. 2. Our division rivals will be facing the same AFC North teams we are, do as well as they do against them. 3. Finally, the rest of our schedule is that of a 4th place team. That makes it easier than what the Bills, Dolphins and Patriots face. Let’s take advantage of that.
  4. Vegas has our O/U at 5.5 wins if I’m not mistaken. It sounds like a lot of you are expecting to make a financial killing this season.
  5. I live alone, but I’ll buy 6 or sometimes a dozen from a good bagel place and put them in the freezer. Especially when I’m coming down from NY to SC by car.
  6. Why is it impossible to find a decent frozen bagel, yet so many frozen bialys are fantastic?
  7. They were down two forwards and playing the 2x defending cup champs on the road. Not to mention Tampa’s season was on the line in that 3rd period. I get it, you’re pissed off we lost, but calling it “a pathetic display” is a little over the top though, no?
  8. Well, I guess we’ve got a series on our hands. Props to Tampa…(when we scored our second goal I started thinking we had them) I guess a sweep was too much to ask. Let’s get game 4 on Tuesday and then finish it off at home. BTW Did Trouba just take ANOTHER penalty?
  9. One shift at a time. One period at a time. One game at a time. Oh yeah, one more thing… shoot at the Tampa goalies blocker side.
  10. ^^^^^ EDIT just scrolled down and saw @Jet Nut caught this before I did…
  11. Why do I open this guy’s threads?
  12. So… we need Baker Mayfield…. Is that what you’re saying?
  13. That Newsday back page… the day after we won in ‘94 I was in Modell’s with my then 6yo daughter. It was packed with Ranger fans. She saw a tee shirt with the back page screened on the front and wanted it. The problem was it was a mens size Large. I told her no, it would come down to the floor on her. A few guys nearby heard me, and seeing the look on her face, began chanting “buy the kid the shirt!” Next thing you know, about 100 people are laughing and chanting. I was a beaten man, I brought the shirt up to the counter to a loud ovation, but what was unreal, and sums up the elation fans felt that day, was that those same guys who started the chant brought up two Stanley Cup hats and another tee for me, and insisted on paying for them. BTW best part of that story? My daughter wore that shirt as a nightgown for years… from when it covered her feet, up until she was so tall enough it only came down to her thighs.
  14. I play with a lot of Penguin fans. I did the same during that series. We talked a lot of trash, but to their credit, most of them are pulling for me/the Rangers now. I think they respect the fact that the teams I root for (Jets, Mets, Rangers, Syracuse, Knicks) aren’t exactly perennial contenders, lol.
  15. Exactly. We as Ranger fans know better than anyone that these type of opportunities aren’t guaranteed in the future. This team is rolling now, we need to stop talking about things like “how valuable it is to gain playoff experience”. We’re 6 wins away from the Stanley Cup!!!
  16. Exactly what I was thinking. For some reason “cities” seem to go on runs where multiple teams are good at once. For a while there it was Boston/NE, lately it’s been Tampa Bay (of all places). LA had a run also. Maybe it’s our turn again? @islesmb the neg repping by a bitter Islander fan is a fly on the wall to Ranger fans right now. You guys have a good team which simply had a bad season. I feel for you, but it’s not our fault your team will always be the little brother in comparison to the Rangers. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you guys (and the Nets) are, you’re insignificant on the NY sports landscape. Let’s be honest here, if it wasn’t for the attention you get playing against the Rangers in our “rivalry games”, who actually pays any attention to your team?
  17. Who knows? Maybe New York teams are awakening from their slumbers. Mets, Yanks are rolling, and now the Blueshirts are headed to the ECF. Football teams are overdue…
  18. The gritty, gutty, never say die NY Rangers.
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