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  1. Never. Wanted. Him. Hired. vs. YES! Exciting change! No chance in hell you will see the same reactions or vitriol from any fans. Nobody wanted Gase, it was a mistake from Day 1 and everybody screamed about it. So far after preseason and 1 game we know pretty much nothing about Saleh other than that first play looked as bad as any play last year, but by the end of the game, they were still in it, whereas last year it would have been over after the interception. I think by game 4 this will be a vastly different team as they all find their stride. I hate sounding reasonable like this
  2. It made me wonder how Zach didn't get a call when he got whiplash/squished last week. That busted leg looked gnarly when I foolishly rewound.
  3. Gase was already a known quantity that 90% + of the fanbase never wanted hired in the first place, so I'm not sure why you are expecting a similar amount of animosity toward Saleh. We actually want to give him a real chance. I wanted Gase to miss the limo at the airport.
  4. I had never considered that and now I know it will happen with certainty and everyone will cheer when the *gag* Beli~yarch~puke~chek Trophy is won by the Jets the year they name it that. So we never get a(nother) Lombardi, just a Beli...
  5. True that. This is when we need to have the alumni pay some Div 2 school a million dollars to get their ass kicked.
  6. So convince someone to sign Mo Lewis, start Mike White and hope for a miracle?
  7. They got blown up by speed with a young line playing together for the first time last week. This week they have watched films and will have changed plans. We will see a very different team this week, just as we will again next week most likely. We haven't even gotten out of the waiver period for fnux sake. This is all so silly and premature that the only thing keeping me from strutting about saying "Wait till Sunday and watch what these new players/system/coaches shut you up" is the fact I'm a Jets fan.
  8. Great addition. Okay, All-night show at Cafe Wha? Just park your kid in the booth and give him a pillow while you pound sangria and dance till dawn to the best house band in the world?
  9. Who was it that was on the other end of the line from him? Oh yeah JJ Watt...
  10. Let's make it simple. You used to be a Defense Lawyer, Now you are the DA. Similar job, just opposite sides and all. Reporter asks you, "What's up?" you go with "generic general upbeat lie" over "anything nuanced" as being the preferred response? Ok, gotcha.
  11. I know! He said it in a professional setting where a reporter came to him and said, "Hey George, what's it like switching to the left side?" and he said what he said. I fail to see how a professional answering with clarity regarding the difficulties associated with a change such as this is a glaring failure and should be treated as such. If it HAD been unnamed whispers saying that he was over his head and had no idea how to play the position- sure, go ahead and complain. For a guy to stand up and say his job is hard and doing it against better athletes in a way that counteracts what you ha
  12. Fant started at LT most of the preseason games, so chill. He said what he said because it's true, when you focus on doing things one way to a really high level, it can be difficult to switch it all into mirror-image movements. I highly doubt the reporter slid next to him as he was crying in his locker and had a sob story about "How haaaaaard it all is". Jeez don't you people have professional meetings where you discuss things like adults at work? Or do you just whisper any difficult conversation and text? Edoga is the other T backup. When I saw Fant get absolutely undressed on a spin mov
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