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  1. This is stupid. Why defend a top 10 dumbest play in team history?
  2. Vote for dumbest Hot Take right here. Why do the people who have the least understanding of what is happening feel the need to create the most posts? And the dumbest? Okay, I'll stop raining on your dumbass parade. Later losers.,\
  3. Just had to pop back in and verify that yes, the dumb ****s are still dumb ****s.
  4. Iowa State had the starting QB become the starting Middle Linebacker a few years ago. He was better at LB.
  5. I wonder what it's like to be a Pittsburgh fan? They have had 3 head coaches in my lifetime. There is something to be said for giving a coach time to build a system.
  6. You guys do realize that the Gase years don't count against Saleh in the eyes of their Boss right? Like, they are looking at this as a whole new reboot, no matter how much some folks want to say this is Year 3 or 4 or whatever, Gase was brought in to win, not reboot. He sucked so bad that they are here. The owner is all in on a ground up rebuild with this GM and Coach, knowing this year will be crappy, but expecting things to be different because they are doing things differently than any other time in Jets history. But, for some reason people are pining for the same old "3 years and a clo
  7. Loved Sammy Mills, the pride of Montclair State. This was during my college years when Sundays were for recovery and frat meetings and homework, thank god. I lived with 3 Jets fans and I don't remember watching any games during those years...
  8. I mean, if you're an NFL QB superstar in the early 1980's in Miami, you should be using cocaine.
  9. That 'fake spike' HURT. Had to hear it from all the dolphins fans back in the day, and it was that bastard Marino, who should have been a Jet...
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