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  1. crazy how it's like every team goes through the same stuff we do, we just don't care about them.
  2. So we should be content that we suffer fools as well a everyone else does?
  3. WTF happens here where this sh*t becomes a hot topic? How many times do idiots need to be shouted down before they keep their dumb thoughts to themselves instead of subjecting it to us over and over and over? It's like groundhog day here sometimes...
  4. I think discussions like this are so ******* stupid it makes me not want to be a Jets fan anymore so I won't have to be around this place.
  5. We can sign him. All our guys have headaches. Man what a dumb play. Like, the dumbest thing I have seen in a while.
  6. Yes, this is something people aren't seeing. Yes, the entire team struggled but it's still just year 2 of being the youngest team in the league! At the beginning of the season people were convinced we were shoe-ins for a top 5 pick and now they are bitching if we miss the playoffs after giving us the most competitive season of football I have seen out of this team is years. Yeah, I want the playoffs, I want a Super Bowl, but this year we were still supposed to suck. This coming offseason the draft is going to be all about filling in spots, not dire needs. We have cap money to spend on real impact players who are seeing what it looks like to win in NY and will want a taste of it. For every guy who complains about NY taxes effecting contract you set him up with a commercial agent so he has so many endorsements in the city he's making more as a pitchman than a player. That's whats coming... I hope.
  7. Yeah the Zach v. Mike arguments are getting pretty stale. Zach is skittish, terribly inaccurate, inconsistent. Mike looks good for one game and then breaks and never gets seen again. We need to just bring in a legit FA QB to win the job or make someone win it for real for once. Either way, it's annoying to read so many times.
  8. WOW. That dude is getting cut. He's literally walking on the side of the highway now if it was 1979.
  9. Honestly I was just astonished they got the play to Moore and then got the TO with 1 sec left. It was very frustrating but if Zach could have thrown the ball to any of the myriad open receivers he chucked it past on various routes only to get wildly lucky on crazy misdirection schoolyard tosses, a crazy underthrow that GW saved and that dying duck that MC1 pulled out of the air. The D letting the TE make them look like morons and the ST's doing their bipolar punt coverage act made the entire team pretty well all a part of the loss. Oline couldn't block anything and without QW the Dline is meh except for Bryce and he couldn't do anything. All in all this reads more and more like the J-E-T-S just got out-everythinged, except penalties. for once, few penalties on us.
  10. JFC what is with morons on this board now? Go jump in a lake.
  11. JFC why did I waste my time catching up on this dipsh*ts idiocy...
  12. That damn Arizona natural grass just tearing up knees without contact. It's almost like the surface is more of a thing to shout about when it feels good.
  13. At this point in the season, if they wanted to they could protect him from getting poached. So they are either letting him walk or it's not going to happen.
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