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  1. Yes the D sucked and yeah the tackles weren't for loss every time, but if he didn't make them who tf would have? Half the games he was the only guy out there flying around making plays. Was he Junior Seau at 24? Nope, but was he Neville Hewitt or James Burgess either? Hell no! and that's what we've had for 4 years before this. Sunk cost, quit bitching.
  2. Huff was hurt, along with any other rusher, by the fact that every guy running a route was open, no matter where they were and the QB could go anywhere with the ball and always avoid the rush. Last year sucked.
  3. We had one of them but it burst into flames one night driving home from a christmas party with the whole family at 2am. Got to learn how to drive stick in a 1985 Plymouth Voyager with a 5 speed on the floor. Aawwww yeeeahhh
  4. I had one of them! Just for a little while then I moved from Rockland onto Manhattan and 'Sold my Car to CarCash' because I listened to Stern for 6 hours a day and thought I wouldn't get screwed (I did). Man I drank that cash away pretty quickly. My first car was a hand-me-down from my sister 1984 VW Jetta with a 5 speed, manual moonroof and pleather seats. Loved that car, until I had to sit in traffic going over the TZ in it for 2 hours and got the above (my first automatic!). Then proceeded to move like 4 months later into the city and promptly lose the job I moved in because of and then blow the money I got from CarCash on an epic bender with my roomate. Ahhhh to be 23 again...
  5. Whats 2500 extra pounds do to a canoe?
  6. Gamblers man, they will bet on ANYTHING. Guaranteed this is a thing because Vegas has a line on the schedule...
  7. This is where we need to have all the Oline together with the top 5 in place and playing all the snaps during camp. Last year in game 1, first play it looked like they all forgot what they were doing out there because none of the starters played in the preseason at all. Sure, rotate some of these new kids in and around, but otherwise I want the starting 5 becoming a UNIT together hanging out and dancing, or going go-karting. Maybe doing some white water rafting, but whatever it is, do it as a group!
  8. At the end of Sauce's press conference he has some funny comments about training with a lot of the draft picks already, and that he loves Clemons. "He's business-like". So these guys already are coming in having relationships. It just keeps getting better.
  9. It was just nice to follow a draft where almost all the drafted players by the Jets were guys I had heard of, liked, wanted to draft, and were excited about. For 15 years the Jets first pick would be good, maybe. Or bonkers. The rest of the draft would be nobodies that you had to look up to even find out what they had done with a few lucky hits here and there where a guy made the team. Finally, the draft was just... mellow and satisfying in strange ways I have never felt.
  10. He looked pretty good going into last year, just had a lousy injury in game 1 that took him out.
  11. DL Jonathan Marshall: The interior defensive line is another spot where many expected the Jets to add a body with a draft choice as Sheldon Rankins has just one year left on his deal and there’s little depth in place. As it turns out, the Jets didn’t take a DT which bodes well for Marshall. A player whose athleticism jumped out on game days in college, he’ll surely be hoping to make the leap from end of the bench to the regular rotation. Jets rookie D-lineman Jonathan Marshall does as nice job of getting back in to position to make the tackle near the LOS after being moved off of his spot by the double team. Not a bad game for the rookie in a season-high 29 snaps. pic.twitter.com/Xw08DMV0DK — Glenn Naughton (@AceFan23) December 24, 2021 LB Quincy Williams: Williams delivered his fair share of highlight reel hits in 2021 and his return in some capacity was welcomed with open arms by Jets fans. However, there were some questions as to whether or not the team would add a starting linebacker via the draft to get more consistent play at the position. It turns out the Jets are just fine with Quincy for the time being. LT Mekhi Becton: It feels silly to even mention Becton here, but some actually thought there was a chance the Jets had given up on the former 11th overall pick after just two seasons. Surprise! They haven’t. Becton is still very much a part of the Jets plans and they showed that in passing on multiple premium tackles early on. The post Jets Draft Approach Bodes Well for These Five Players appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/Jetnationcom?d=yIl2AUoC8zA http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/Jetnationcom?d=qj6IDK7rITs Click here to read the full story... The power of the arm bar Marshall used on that C to make him look like a ragdoll on that tweet is impressive!
  12. Future HoF??? Let's get lucky for once with the greatest feel-good story of all freaking time! Mom's will WEEP at the Hallmark movie that even Dad's love for its realistic football scenes and true gang green* pride after winning most of the rest of the super bowls until the Water Wars started and fighting broke out all over the west...
  13. If only Mickey Schuler were still around...
  14. But but but he was supposed to be cut last year for telling a reporter that it's challenging switching from RT to LT??? That's what the consensus was for the loudest on here I recall... such short memories and lack of consistency is frustrating.
  15. Just happy that the people who KNEW what the plan was were completely wrong.
  16. WTF are you talking about? Last year they did an entire re-vamp of the Medical staff and totally set up an entire new process for the trainers and doctors with a new Head and all new employees. Just last year. It was a big deal.
  17. Because when they turn these types of fields to grass they totally suck. The grass looks like garbage after 2 weeks because it's on concrete and needs to be replaced or is just painted dirt halfway through the season and guys are falling and slipping more than they do on turf. Then after they use it for 2 years and all the players get sick of it they switch it back to turf.
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