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  1. This freaked me the f*ck out because I was like, "how the f*ck am I 8 years older than that guy when he was punting in the pro's when I was little kid?" and then it finally came together that he was 43 when I was 31 and I am bad at reading context clues.
  2. Don't forget that Game 1 last year was the first time the 5 starting olineman had actually played together in a game. AVT sat out the preseason, as did Becton, Fant played some but on the right, Feeney played RG all pre-season. So that Carolina game was the first time those guys were together, and it showed. That has as much or more effect on the play as people thinking Becton is fat. It took them weeks to figure out stunts.
  3. I'm still waiting for someone to post an actual picture of Becton being super fat or getting burned by Lawson last year. I *read* it here, many times, vociferously stated, yet never saw anything showing it at all. Having a training camp tweet say "Lawson is beating Becton like a drum" without any context of what the oline was working on at that time vs. the go-go dline that was getting put in tells me nothing. All I'm asking is for some proof of the claim to be presented before people start going to the mattresses about something.
  4. I completely agree, the thing is that when you grow up with money as an unlimited resource that puts the World at your fingertips as opposed to coming up as a middle class kid. It's not that the needs are different, if anything the kid coming from money would want more! But in this case, he knows he is set so he can look on it as just life continuing as it always had instead of hitting the lottery for x amount of years and then having to make it last forever.
  5. I totally get the sentiment of it all, but the most salient point was that Mahomes grew up the kid of an MLB pitcher who was doing pretty good, the Mets paid him 7.5 million in 2000. He never needed the money. Remember that video on Revis! - edit LOL Curtis Martin. stopped caring... as an aside, the article I just randomly checked for Pat Mahomes baseball salary had this to say about his earnings: "When he played for the New York Mates in the 2000 season, his salary bounced up to 7,50,000. He almost made around $2,6,5800 out of his MLB career." Not sure who wrote that, but the 'New York Mates' sounds kinda kinky.
  6. Dad was a fan. Where I live everyone is a Bills or Giants fan but for some reason we had a group of Jets fans all through high school. One buddy's kids middle name is Jet. I was born in 74 so my earliest sports memory is watching the AFC championship with my Dad while he yelled at "Richard Stink" as he threw those 3 interceptions against the 'fins. Then I was in the NFL SuperPro Club at some point in the early 80's. I still have the stickers with the old Jets green helmet because I picked the Jets as my favorite team. Man, it all seems so much more innocent now. I feel bad for the existence I have brought my kids into! And Dad only picked the Jets because his father and my uncle (13 months older) liked the Yankees and Giants, so Jets and Mets for me!
  7. Man that sucks. Hope he comes back and has at least the career time of that Giants player who had leukemia while he was at BC.
  8. I recall a guy named Zach not signing his last year and coming to Camp a couple days late for his rookie season. I wonder if it had any effect on that guys play last year? I know people freaked about it here.
  9. I will forever enjoy how he left early to go be a star, Strahan stayed and got everything tiki ever could have dreamed of, over and over and over and over and is still getting it.
  10. Just remember this discussion the next time you say to yourself, "why is HE getting released/traded?" You can always play with it, but then you gotta pay the piper. If you're smart, you're the Rams and you are still hungover into the 4th round when you have your first pick anyway.
  11. Bill Belicheck really sucked in Cleveland and should have stayed as a DC forever
  12. I don't necessarily think they are 'too small' forever, they can stay that size as long as they gain some seasoning, learning how to stay healthy for a year and succeed at that role. At 22 or 21 years old they were not there yet.
  13. Those 2 S to LB picks were attempts at homeruns that fell through. The plan last year was for Jarrad Davis to live up to his draft pick for once and he never did, then both of the kids were too small to actually play inside for real and their bodies broke pretty quickly. Grabbing Quincy and plugging him in solved so many problems that it allowed them to redshirt the kids the bulk of the season and just roll with 2 old school LB's instead of the new hybrid style. Now they're hoping these kids have bulked up so they can handle the inside better and build themselves a role. If not, lost low picks. If either hit, Boomsauce. Interested to see what Camp looks like.
  14. Yes the D sucked and yeah the tackles weren't for loss every time, but if he didn't make them who tf would have? Half the games he was the only guy out there flying around making plays. Was he Junior Seau at 24? Nope, but was he Neville Hewitt or James Burgess either? Hell no! and that's what we've had for 4 years before this. Sunk cost, quit bitching.
  15. Huff was hurt, along with any other rusher, by the fact that every guy running a route was open, no matter where they were and the QB could go anywhere with the ball and always avoid the rush. Last year sucked.
  16. We had one of them but it burst into flames one night driving home from a christmas party with the whole family at 2am. Got to learn how to drive stick in a 1985 Plymouth Voyager with a 5 speed on the floor. Aawwww yeeeahhh
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