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  1. Jeez it's beautiful here upstate. Kinda warm, but in the AC...
  2. My dad coached in the late 70's/early 80's so we had an old helmet from the team when I was a kid. The interior padding was just rope suspension to keep the plastic away from your head. There was no padding. The ones I wore always had padding at least, but it wasn't until high school that they got the 'air' technology, and even that is pathetically primitive compared to what is out now. I'm surprised we all didn't die. I was always big on helmets and masks and stuff, and we just had garbage equipment because our team was terrible and there was no money for anything. Now they have a turf field and top notch stuff. I guess I'm bitter but it could be the head injuries talking
  3. Never forget that by the 4th game, a third of these guys will be gone anyway, and half the players will be numbers you are putting names to.
  4. The guy who started at Center for Green Bay had some sort of new-fangled helmet that had a bunch of additional forehead protection. Had a bit of a Klingon vibe to his hat, but perhaps something of that sort would be a good choice for our interior linemen who get bopped in the head more often. Mark Kelso used to look like an idiot with that foam thing on his helmet but he stopped getting concussions once he started wearing that.
  5. I think Sam's biggest challenge last season was being hit on the 3rd step of a 3 step drop before he had even had time to look up. I don't think I have ever seen a line play worse than the Jets did for the first 8+ games last year, to the point that Sam was shellshocked. Play after play with the middle of the line just falling in on him is rough. Once he started having no time to do anything, his game fell apart. He could put it together , maybe, but all in all I think he's a blitz away from a pick-6 every time he drops back.
  6. Watching him with Washington State wreck a great year for Iowa State in the Bowl Game showed me he can do anything when he is feeling swaggy. I would love to have him as our #2 guy who is always pushing and always ready to start.
  7. "Okay, third and 8 guys. Bobby- you 8 do an yard curl. Joe- run left then fall down like you hurt your ankle and when your guy looks away get up and go Deep! Sally- you block"
  8. It seems so long ago that Jimmy 'The Greek' Snyder was giving the odds on the games during the NBC pregame show...
  9. All depends on health. I can see them ending up with 5-6 wins if injuries continue or pulling out 10-11 if they stabilize their health and the talent proves itself. We'll see on Sundays.
  10. Doesn't Sternberger have a 2 game suspension for something off-field? They mentioned it after he had a drop early, that he really needed to prove it as he would be out early due to something "not good"
  11. Got penetration, missed tackles on big runs he should have had for loss. That's when I noticed him.
  12. Who is a good blocker for the punt team and deserves a roster spot?
  13. The Coaches didn't go into this game with a "Plan" to win it. They are putting players into positions to see what they have and are taking advantage of game situations to use it. They will make strange choices that make no sense to us because they don't care what we think. They are looking at something specific, not worrying about the score.
  14. Quinnen looking a little rusty on the tackling part. Getting penetration tho
  15. Davis needs to come back on that harder and get his hands out. He was looking to catch that with his chest and Stokes made a great play.
  16. As a lifelong NY'er I don't truly know. I will say that I have mostly considered the center of the country to be a "where the men are men and the sheep are scared" area.
  17. I had a friend name his pet chameleon Onzy Elam, if we want to take it back to bad draft picks...
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