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  1. I hope it says "Jetropolitans" on the front.
  2. We should just flip between the 80's look and the 60's-00's look every 15 years or so. Those both look cool in their own way and surpass whatever the current thing is and the titans stuff was dumb. Either go completely different or stick with the classics.
  3. How, so that one dude in Buffalo doesn't have to pay anything or a small portion of his billions while we collectively pay the rest? Do taxpayers get a cut of revenue from events? I'm fine with Paying for stuff through taxes, I love them. But not when it's some rich a$$hole holding a state hostage for billions so he won't have to pay it or he'll take his ball and go somewhere stupider. Go. Please. Austin Bills sounds great. Have fun. Buffalo sucks.
  4. Ummmm.. No. This is bullsh*t. If Buffalo wants a team and the owner has the money to pony up to buy in, they should be able to build their own facilities. Full stop. Anything else is Welfare for Rich people. Which is the only kind of welfare they support.
  5. Yeah, NY would never survive if the ******* Bills moved away. Gotta make sure the billionaire doesn't have to pay for his toys, we'll all pay instead while he gets the revenue. Meanwhile the Jets going to NJ was a-ok by the powers that be...
  6. Okay now I know Thibs will bust if he becomes a Jet. If Sauce is the pick he needs to be Revis 2.0 or something HoFworthy. I would rather get a different edge- whoever and a WR, or whoever they think are the best players out there, independent of position. Just need to have a hit somewhere, for once. I do think they will pick differently than we think they will. Each draft before this JD had a definite #1 need for our first pick- OT, QB. Now there are a bunch of different ways they could go- OL, DL, DB, WR depending upon what they see on film and in person and during interviews something will happen. We may figure it out who it is before the draft, but it will probably not be who we are talking about today.
  7. Total beard. Kinda like how Aaron Rodgers has a lady friend for a year or 2 and then the contract runs out and they break up. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  8. So that's 3 on the roster now? Nice. Real competition with some actual pro kickers finally.
  9. sipping hard seltzers
  10. My first job in NYC was working for a company in the HR dept. and right before I got canned for not having a clue as to what I was doing, we hired his daughter and I entered her paperwork into the system. It was 1998, so I was feeling no pain when I saw her name and who she was, I knew a SB was waiting for us, next year...
  11. 40 times matter once, ever. Speed, quickness, burst, anticipation, angle, reaction, redirection, body control, all have infinitely more effect on a play than how fast you cover 40 yards from a dead stop, ostensibly shoulder to shoulder with the guy you are facing but in reality you started by facing in different directions and all that other stuff mattered more than how fast you can sprint anyway. We drafted 2 guys who we should put into that big nickle/hybrid LB role- Sherwood and Hasrildeen- unless their bodies were cool with packing on 25 lbs of muscle while recovering from last years injuries and we don't need a real LB in the draft this year after QW2 saved our ass last year when jarrad spit the bit and the kids broke..
  12. Is that where they teach you the fine art of when to say "Hold my beer"
  13. Why can't everyone recognize that the more time we say that this WR class sucks, the higher chance there will be a generational HoF player to pop out of nowhere in said position. So the more WR's we grab, the better chance we have of getting that next Jerry Rice or Randy Moss instead of someone else. They just need to play as a pro to blossom. Dare to dream. And Edge, a bunch of them too.
  14. Ouch! That helmet went flying!
  15. Totally should have given him a Trumaine Johnson type deal. That worked out for us. Just offer the most and the best play the hardest for us, right?
  16. JFC this dumb sh*t again? Doesn't it get boring bitching about the same sh*t over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...
  17. Still have Yeboah and brought Cager back as a TE now too so that room has filled up again reasonably. I would still draft one late, but we can survive with this crew. We need to get Edge and WR. Period. LB later, DL, OL sure. But Edge and WR and the things that we NEED for 2022 to be successful. I also wouldn't mind an RB late to maybe hit on a lottery pick.
  18. Edge/WR/WR/LB/OL/DL/S and then sign all the best UDFA's out there. Especially the receivers. Let's Get Crazy.
  19. I would just like us to grab Tay Martin from OK State at some point. Can probably get him late and I have a feeling he could be good.
  20. And for me it was always easier to hit Yankees games (plus all my friends were Yankees fans and that was during the ridiculous years) so I saw more of those guys (all at the old YS in the bleachers) than I got to Mets games at Shea. Crazy.
  21. yeah, crime has risen almost to the point it was to when I lived there! and when I was there all the real City folks hated how Disney it was becoming and complained about how much they missed the old days. I remember walking down 42nd Street as a little kid tourist and having my mind melt just seeing the signs and the sex shops and the pimps and prostitutes, whereas now it's more surreal than terrifying in that part of town. Granted That was in the early 80's. I moved back in the late 90's into 2000, and have only been back onto manhattan once since.
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