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  1. Yeah, because knowing what you are doing and recognizing when you aren't doing it right while understanding the way to do it correctly without being told is just embarrassing. We need Coaches to be IN YOUR FACE SCREAMING for them to be effective, right? Not just there to work on technique or assist in a person honing their craft.
  2. Almost like no GM knows how to draft at all.
  3. I predict JD will be getting an extension before his tushie gets the slightest bit warm, so again, all the people predicting he has "1 year to prove it" are incredibly wrong.
  4. Who else recruited Hutch for colleges? Oh wait, his Dad played at Michigan and he got a legacy scholarship and was able to float for 3 years before showing up. Yeah, #1 pick right there.
  5. "This is a crappy franchise we’ve chosen" Never forget.
  6. I wouldn't mind grabbing Winfrey if he slipped into the 3rd as well, not that he will proabably, but he can fill a role on the DL
  7. When he did "The Aristocrats" after 9/11 it made the world a better place.
  8. It's the little things that bring me joy, and there is nothing better than people's proclamations of certainty going up in smoke.
  9. What's the Hall of Famer breakdown between Top 5 Picked or even First round vs. Later rounds or UDFA. I'll betcha it's a lot higher among the lower draft picks than the high ones. *Looks like it's about 50/50 between 1st rounders and Everyone else. Fascinating.
  10. God I hope we go 0-17 and don't fire anyone just to make everyone with all the insider knowledge go bonkers because NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING.
  11. He ain't got nothing on Randall Woodfield. That guy got drafted by the Packers before becoming a serial killer. https://allthatsinteresting.com/randall-woodfield
  12. So aside from Covid shutting down the world, cancelling the combine and all workouts and interviews in 2020 causing the Draft to be more of a crapshoot than any previous, what GM is the one who had all the Hits that JD ****ed up? Dallas and Tampa? Looking at that draft, other than a few random hits that anyone could have gotten, no one had a "great" draft. I mean everyone bitching about Becton instead of Wirfs- should we have jumped for Wills or Thomas if they had been available? They got picked earlier. Coulda grabbed Ruggs but that seems to have ended badly. NOBODY DRAFTS WELL AND PEOPLE HAVE A STRANGE ASSUMPTION THAT WE ARE WORSE THAN OTHERS. WE AREN'T. IT'S A CRAPSHOOT EVERY YEAR. It's all about getting lucky and picking a guy who becomes a star. Full stop.
  13. And yet both are completely inconsequential when it comes to announcing to the world that the person is now dead.
  14. We'll be sure to have your Obituary say "Hey, he was an a$$hole, but he tried"
  15. Either way, the OC is gone who got that out of them. Who has been their WR coach? Get that guy.
  16. Year 2 of the Fancy-pants health team running everything will hopefully start showing more results than half the team being on IR by the end.
  17. The more we think this draft sucks the more hall of famers will be created. Even the years of "great" draft stock it was a crap shoot.
  18. Honestly the best thing they could do is go full Rugby and get rid of pads entirely. The thing is with the helmet, you immediately become a head first missile when you realize it doesn't hurt as much because you have this hard thing on your head. So all the coaching is about making you tackle like you normally would in rugby with your shoulder, head to the side. If you make using your head as a blunt object more painful to do in the immediate, it will lessen the long term build up injuries like CTE because people will stop doing it sooner, hopefully. Those guys in the Leatherheads picture had more to worry about for clothesline tackles and backside cut blocks and finding a good job for the offseason than they did for CTE.
  19. This whole thing could be solved if they just went to having 1" of soft padding on the outside of the helmet and get rid of all the hard shielding on the pads. Make it look the same, just soft. Sure, some will tear or damage, but they can just re-wrap it before every game... But nobody wants to hear the smoosh of the pads so they never will.
  20. That was pretty good, I would def take him at 4 if he is there, otherwise I am happy with whatever. I would say that playing UCLA they had Chip Kelly scheming him into those coverage situations as much as he could and more than they wanted, which is what changed in Q3, tho I think he kinda blew his load before the 4th and did not have as much at the end. He can definitely use some coaching but the size and strength are undeniable, hopefully interviews etc will get them to know whom to pick and that person will become a perennial All Pro short list hall of famer in year #1 training camp.
  21. I hope it says "Jetropolitans" on the front.
  22. We should just flip between the 80's look and the 60's-00's look every 15 years or so. Those both look cool in their own way and surpass whatever the current thing is and the titans stuff was dumb. Either go completely different or stick with the classics.
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