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  1. Ertz is a bit of a pipe dream to be honest. Although lukewarm on his continued tenure in Philadelphia, Hurts wouldn’t mind the additional weapons and the Jets are in a similarly situated position age and division presence wise that the asking price would be high. Hollister is definitely one to keep an eye on.
  2. What’s more important coming out of today isn’t that Wilson performed poorly, we all knew at some point he was bound for one of these days given how he was above expectations at OTAs and Minicamp. It’s how he bounces back tomorrow; he’s shown a tendency to follow average to poor performances with great ones. If, when the pads are thrown on, he comes out with that recovery then we know that something special is on the horizon here.
  3. Offset language is employed by 30/32 teams only the Jags and the Rams don’t use it naturally but exceptions can be made (ala Fields’ contract with the Bears)
  4. Now that is an excellent point. They’ve gone the blow the bank route and at every turn they’ve gotten burned. Especially with Woody back it might be the movement back to “old school.”
  5. That is an unfortunate reality we’ve had to live with for a while friend
  6. I feel this narrative is both overthinking and over simplifying the scenario. Thinking the offset language is in place because they KNOW Wilson is going to be a bust is both putting a lot of words into the FO’s mouth about Wilson’s potential and believing the offset language is solely there because of the purpose of said language. For all intents and purposes the Johnsons are sticklers. Whenever they buy a car, they want all the warrantees; when they ship a package they want it certified and tracking no matter how far or to whom the package is being shipped. So, the Johnsons could be
  7. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. Hi all, first post on here after lurking for a long time but I whole heartedly agree with this sentiment. It seems with the Florio article that both sides are hardlining and making 0 concessions. Which makes sense because both sides have a hand to play: The Jets can raise that everybody (including Maye who is in mid dispute with the team) has reported BUT Wilson citing the idea that “Well everybody’s bought in why can’t he?” But Wilson’s camp can play the hand that they’ve dumped all their eggs in his basket, the team only goes where he’s able to take them. I negotiate contr
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