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  1. you upgrade two positions with this move. Left tackle and right guard. Its not permanent, but a temporary solution
  2. The beat writers are just tweeting what they are seeing. Douglas and Saleh can’t hide from these guys.
  3. What happens if he gets Zach Wilson killed in game 1? Make the move now!
  4. He’s a first round pick. They will try kicking him inside. I think he can be good there.
  5. Makes a lot of sense. He’s a beast in the run game. LT-Moses LG-Becton C- McGovern RG-Vera Tucker RT-George Fant
  6. That’s why you can’t put much stock into it. These guys don’t have the film.
  7. He was in an absolutely terrible situation his rookie year. The Cardinals let him get absolutely mauled.
  8. I think he throws a nice ball, but preferred Lance/Fields. After watching Allen and Herbert I want big/athletic dudes at the position.
  9. I thought he would be a great NFL QB. Shows how clueless I am.
  10. Lol how is it trolling? Prez was a legit DMVP player in 2019. Best Jet since Revis.
  11. Congrats Prez! $17.5MM per is a good deal for Seattle. Jamal is a difference maker.
  12. So who is going to be giving live updates of these practice? Where is DJ where is Hughes where is Costello?
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