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  1. Not cool. Leave Joe Burrow's mom alone.
  2. Using numbers doesn't do away with perspective. Biases/values influence how specific phenomena are chosen over others to quantify. Biases/values influence how ambiguous phenomena are broken down into discrete units. Biases/values influence how the numbers are interpreted. The data never speaks for itself. I don't see why people arbitrarily choose either "stats" or the "eye test." There's a place for both quantitative and qualitative analysis depending on the question.
  3. I'm from MD. Considering how we went from the bullets to the wizards, I'm pleasantly surprised by this list.
  4. I would hope that an analyst could figure out that there are more options than that.
  5. Eh, I feel like he ended up stirring the pot even more. He also said "I know things and I've heard things" when asked if they know something that the fans don't.
  6. Wilson didn't have accuracy issues in college. His downfield accuracy was elite and his low-mid range was just good. His recent struggles don't change that.
  7. No. I've learned two things about the community on JN: people don't like to read long comments and they don't understand sarcasm.
  8. Bro if The Crusher doesn't press that ******* link and click on that beautiful boy's face then I am going to lose my mind
  9. Can we unban DWC? Lurking has been a lot less fun lately. All I have to look forward to now are JetsFanShawn's and cookiemonsta's occasional posts.
  10. He threw for 258 and that wasn't garbage time. Also, what about the Moore bomb? If anything he was too aggressive in the first half considering the O line play.
  11. One of my favorite sources of drama that I've witnessed since I started lurking on JN a few months ago has been the tension (or even unrest) over JiFapono's true feelings for our dashing prince. It seems to go like this usually: Jetsfanfromaplace: You're still mad about fields. JiFapono: SHUT UP! I am fully zachkapono and I think he is sexy! Seeing JiFapono assert that he was the first to mention ZW is an interesting development in this story for me. There is more to this than I thought and I'm excited to see how it progresses from here.
  12. Watching Sam play reminds me of how I play search and destroy style games when teammates die (rainbow six siege, COD S&D, counterstrike, etc.). They start to spectate and then I get nervous and fidgety. One time they told me to lay off the ritalin. I realize the average age here is like 60 so I'll use another sports example to illustrate the opposite style of play in Wilson. He moves like Luka Doncic, James Harden, Paul Pierce, etc. It's as if they're playing in slow motion and yet they're still a step ahead.
  13. Bullying the discontents is how I express my fandom. Just ignore it and move on.
  14. He can spell words, he just doesn't know which ones go where.
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