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  1. It looks as if TCU just wants it more.
  2. I noticed LaFleur called different and more varied routes than when Zach was QB, particularly short routes over the middle to open receivers. I remember the routes over the middle being longer when Zach played. Zach’s missiles were probably uncatchable when on target at such short range.
  3. If we could have 1 quarter of Cousin’s numbers in each of our games against NE, we would have won both games.
  4. He could be the Jet’s Taysom Hill. Line him up all over the field and stress the defense.
  5. I’ve gone back and forth between starting him on a short leash and benching him. I don’t have any inside information so I’m basing my opinion on what has been reported. IMO if there is any chance for Zach to turn things around, he needs to be benched so there is a clear message he cannot be a NFL starting quarterback without improving his fundamentals and taking responsibility for his mistakes and being a leader. His comments that nobody outside the building know anything and not taking responsibility for the loss while playing so poorly show he has a major attitude problem. He also improved his game at BYU when he had to face competition. Hopefully he responds likewise when he knows he’s not given the starting job any longer. I also think benching Zach will send a positive message to the rest of the team about building a winning culture and that each team member needs to do their part. I also think if Zach has a good game against Chicago without changing his fundamentals would be the worse thing for any future development in his game.
  6. His footwork is a common theme in videos that analyze Zach’s game. His inaccurate throws is caused by bad footwork. You’d think it’s something he could clean up. His lack of progress doesn’t give me any hope he will.
  7. Exactly! There were a couple of plays where everyone was covered including the first two sacks. However, that happens whenever you play a good defense. The last two sacks were squarely on Zach for not throwing to the open receiver. During the game I thought Zach made good decisions scrambling for positive yards. After watching the analysis, it obvious he missed open receivers. What is more frustrating is that sometimes he looked right at them before running.
  8. The major critiques Kurt had on Zach we’re his footwork, key reads and timing. Why Zach doesn’t improve his footwork is beyond me. It’s almost as if he thinks he is too cool to clean up his fundamentals. When he has good footwork he is very accurate and he can do it if he chooses such as against Buffalo. If I were coaching him, I would give him another chance but as soon as I see lazy footwork, I would bench him and not give him a another chance until he becomes a disciple of footwork. Is bad coaching, inability to learn reads or a combination of both why he is missing the tells defense gives him?
  9. https://jetsxfactor.com/2022/11/21/ny-jets-zach-wilson-ugly-truth/ Here is more video of Zach missing wide open receivers. I’m not taking any responsibility for anyone throwing up after watching this. It wasn’t LaFleur or the NE defense.
  10. His mom forgot to put it on the shipping list.
  11. If the CBs could catch there would have been 2 interceptions already.
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