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  1. Free rushers, dropped passes and bad throws.
  2. So far I feel like I’m watching the Jets play the Jets.
  3. Schultz in FA + McBride and Rucker’s in the draft is even better.
  4. I remember Brady saying a couple of years ago that Rodgers is a better quarterback. Brady then said he was fortunate to be playing in a better system than Rodgers.
  5. You really would use your 4th pick on a guy who has been injured 2 out of his 3 seasons in college?
  6. You got to like how he doesn’t catch the ball with his body. His motor while blocking is impressive as well. He pancaked a DL and LB in the same play.
  7. Awesome! Now only if Detroit falls in love with one of the QBs to give us more options with the 4th pick.
  8. Next season the Jets can personally thank Jamal and Seattle for all the draft pics.
  9. All good points. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Jags take Neal to fill a need. Karlaftis numbers weren’t that strong this year. The Jets really need a stud edge rusher and I’m starting to wonder if there is one in this year’s draft. I readily admit I’m not a talent evaluator so I posted for discussion and to gain insight.
  10. Agreed especially if we can do at least one if not two trade backs and still get them. Burks would be a perfect compliment to Moore imo.
  11. What edge would you draft? I was really hoping that the Jets would get the #1 or 2 pick to draft either Hutchinson or Thibodeaux. After their performances in their bowl games, I’m hoping they are drafted 1 and 2 to give the Jets more options on other players. Maybe they just had bad games. Right now I’m leaning towards Linderbaum and a WR in the 1st round.
  12. Great analysis as always. Witnessed a lot of improvement in the team today. Change three plays: TBs 1st down on 3rd and 20, Keelan Cole’s drop, and the 4th and 2 mistake, and the outcome of this game could have been very different. As you mentioned, the D needs to generate more pressure on the QB. Brady had way too much time to throw.
  13. Aw…the cookie crumbled already. Urban is fired. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32879774/urban-meyer-jacksonville-jaguars-head-coach-rocky-first-year
  14. Or, use next year to build a stronger team and then get a QB in FA or in the 2023 draft that appears to have better QBs to draft.
  15. Yes, let’s draft another QB in a weak QB class that will most likely bust so we can do this all over again in 2023.
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