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  1. For sure. Having serious back problems, I’ve had many massages to ease the pain. After finding a great massage therapist, I’d go back to that therapist as much as possible. 66 different therapists in 17 month suggests he’s looking for something more than massage therapy.
  2. It’s @Joe W. Namath betting his life savings. Thank you, Joe Douglas! Thank you!
  3. As long as he is throwing the ball away because the receivers weren’t open, I’m very happy and optimistic about Zach’s future. I figure that it was because his receivers at the end of the season weren’t getting open, but I didn’t see any film other than highlights to verify.
  4. Seriously? I thought this is a forum to discuss Jets football. Zach didn’t see open receivers and tried to force throws at the beginning of the season. As long as he is not missing open receivers this is a major step in his development and shows promise for his second season when he has healthy playmakers around him.
  5. There has been tons of discussion about Zach, yet I have not seen any discussion about him throwing the ball away more towards the end of the season. My burning question is this: was he mostly making good decisions throwing the ball away because the receivers weren’t open or was it more he wasn’t seeing the open receiver? I have no concerns about Zach’s work ethic, desire to improve and arm talent. If he made good decisions, then I’m optimistic about him developing into a FQB. If he still didn’t see the open receiver, then unless he makes a dramatic improvement this year he’ll probably bust. Anyone with access to alt 22 film have an insight into this?
  6. I wouldn’t complain. Doesn’t he regularly punt 60 yarders?
  7. I hear ya. We know how much he and his family love the Jets. I do wonder if it was a strategic injury on his part.
  8. I remember reading he was killing it at the Senior Bowl. Maybe it was a good thing he went home early with a foot injury so other teams didn’t see him perform as much.
  9. I don’t believe they are referring to Zach personally making excuses. It is they have surrounded Zach with the tools he needs so there isn’t an external reason for him to be able to develop and reach his full potential. And, there hopefully there aren’t any significant holes on the team for anyone to make an excuse. Zach is always going to be under greater scrutiny because he plays the most important position on the team.
  10. The point is that JD has surrounded him with an Oline and weapons so there are no excuses if he doesn’t develop into a FQB.
  11. Here’s hoping for a run on QBs now so we can pick up a stud LB or TE.
  12. I see the potential the potential in Rickert and Woods as they can both block and catch and have potential to develop into got fits for our system. From what I read, it didn’t seem Likely wouldn’t be that great of a fit. What am I missing?
  13. @Facts everything you post is negative. You just need to go Fact yourself or learn how to properly troll from @T0mShane. He has refined it to an art. He may even be offering off-season discounts on how to troll.
  14. Verified Twitter guru, Vincent Frank, who tweeted that ridiculous trade package that includes Moore, now tweets that Moore is the hold up because the 49ers want Moore. Tweeting while high is not pretty. I’m not on Twitter so I can’t repost. I saw it In another forum. @Joe W. Namath are you really Vincent Frank incognito?
  15. There are some WTF comments on here. But, compared to some messages on the 49ers thread, JetNation is the epitome of wisdom.
  16. I agree. As long as he can stay healthy, I believe Elijah will be a star.
  17. Um…JD had a trade package accepted by KC but then Miami came in afterwards, and Hill wanted to return to Florida. That shows 100% intent to trade for a star receiver.
  18. That’s because you secretly want to keep Braxton Berrios on the team.
  19. I thought that before free agency. IMO the pressing needs are RG, TE and WR. Free agency addressed two of those.
  20. I wouldn’t be upset but there are more pressing needs to address in the 2nd imo.
  21. 4 - Sauce, only player available at 4 that has the talent and positional value worth of 4th 10 - Jermaine Johnson II 35 - Christian Harris 38- Christian Watson
  22. The best way to be able to enjoy a Jets game.
  23. I agree. Although I’m not excited about it, Sauce is the only player who is not OL whose talent and position value is worthy of the 4th pick. I’m good with Johnson or Walker at 10. I’m hoping we get Watson and the best safety or linebacker in the 2nd. Zion Johnson would be tempting as well in the 2nd.
  24. What are you thoughts of Jelani Woods in the later rounds? He seems like a beast and now the Jets can take time to develop him.
  25. If you are thinking he wants you to hold on to his butt, you are on the wrong side of things.
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